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Reports. There are many of them. I will write them. I will send them. I will file them.

Day Job finally upgraded me to a Win10 laptop and I’ve been migrating the rest of my programs off of it. It’s hasn’t been easy.

I think about my home laptop and how I use it for very little beside, well, ARK. In fact, it it wasn’t for ARK I would either be 100% iPad or on a MacBook a long time ago.

Weather app says it's going to be in the mid-80s for the next few days. That's fine. I can do mid-80's.

Since seeing Midsommar, I now make that weird Ho-HA! sound everytime I gargle with mouthwash or drink anything remotely harsh.

I noticed since quitting IG I don't take nearly as many pictures any more. Even for my private Slack team. I don't even have the mindset to take picture with a witty or smartass caption to go along with it.


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Three out of the last four weekends have involved going some place.
I am done doing that. I am staying in town for the next month to do absolutely nothing.

I signed onto ARK to tend to my wyvern during my lunch break. With a single cuddle, he is now 100% imprinted!
Now, he just needs to stay fed. He's a growing boy.

Who needs fire works when you have (virtual) baby dragons to nurture? Those are more fun.

There is a baby wyvern growing and growing in our taking pen and I'm just so proud of him 😭

If you're asking yourself, "Is Con Air good?" you are asking the wrong question.
Con Air is a lot of things.Good may or may not be one of them.
The correct question is, "Is Con Air a conversation piece?"
The answer to that is, "Emphatically yes."

Me to spouse: Hey, Con Air is on Hulu! 😃
Them: Great. 😐
Me: You didn't sound excited! 😮
Them: I wasn't. 😐
Me: 😵

Ok, I listen to just a FEW Donna Summer songs on Spotify and suddenly most of my Discover Weekly playlist is just disco.

No regrets, though. Donna Summer was fly.

You could even say she was...
Hot. Stuff.


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