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Think I'm officially over my cold.
Great timing because we have to move over the next few days.
Moving while sick is the worst.

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Pope Francis is coming back to take on Donald Trump

Uh oh. The cat org chart has changed. There must have been a corporate reshuffling or something.

In the "my body feels tired though I did very little today" part of being sick. I'm calling this recovery.

Day 3-ish of being sick.
Not the flu, just a cold.
Still feel gross and tired. But I usually feel gross and tired.

Opened my stocks app for the first time ever but not because I wanted to check stock prices.

I really just wanted to see if L.L. Bean was publicly traded or not.

Flashback 3 years ago to Pupper Paige with an ayg. 🥚🐶

I have a mild cold today which means my normal grasp on consciousness is slipping into tentative at best.

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I want to see the follow-up, "(Susan) Lucci Gang."

I have been using SharePoint for the better part of 5 years now. I know enough about it where I can call myself a near expert in its front-end configuration.

I also know enough to say that it's ridiculously over-engineered and confusing to use. Most of my knowledge is accidental because I was looking to do one thing and stumbled upon doing something else entirely.

It is my greatest achievement. And also my greatest adversary.

Three cats, in order of importance (according to them, not me).

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Drove past the new place on Sunday. I am itching to move in and redecorate.

This freezing rain is making me hungry for pho. Nothing better than the best soup in the world in your tum when the weather's miserable.

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Living in the South for so long, I had forgotten what the cold does to your lips. One step outside and mine are chapped af

I don't believe the fear of heights is an irrational fear. There's nothing irrational about believing your feet should stay on the ground.

Hiked up a damn mountain today. Here was my view at rest.