We are not a movie podcast. If we were, it would just be me screaming and, like, three of you want to hear that

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Today, we recorded an episode of Pop Medieval about two movies, one of which I absolutely HATED and ranted about for nearly half an hour. You’ll hear about it next week, but be warned: I am not nice about it.

Duolingo’s practice sentences are a bit silly sometimes. Case in point:

Ich bin eine Maus.
Oh, meine Katze ist sehr Schön! (😏)

Die Eule ist, um, fucking mit mir.

Time crawls when you’re waiting on a delivery

Had a successful physically distant bbq last night. Ate Beyond and Impossible burgers. White Claw made an appearance!

I got that bag of Lays I threaten to get.
It did not fulfill me.
Moral of this story: get more Lays.


That wasn’t a debate. That was a America in summary.

*Fly gets into house*
Us Humans: *Can’t catch it all day*
Lord of the Flies here:
*bounce bounce bounce*
*grab grab*
*Curls up on chaise*
*Goes to sleep*

Pose (spoilers) 

Also, S02E01 — I loved the take down of Madonna’s Vogue.

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Pose (spoilers) 

I just watched the last ep of the first season back-to-back with the first ep of the second season.

I love how this show does NOT pull punches with its realism about death and AIDS/HIV. It’s heartbreaking but sound. Ex: Pray Tell and Keenan. In S01E10, you’re set up to think they’re going to have a good relationship and then S02E01, nope. That’s not the case because that’s not the reality.

God this show is good.

I might also pick up the crochet hooks and start crocheting again, too. Cool weather means cozy hobbies. 🧶

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The weather is turning. Time to start cross stitching again.

Death mention, saltiness 

Terry Goodkind died last week.
Do you know what kind of books he wrote?
The badkind

I’m adding professional voice-over “actor” to my CV. I just recorded two instructional videos for $JOB. They are going to be circulated INTERNALLY.

Allie Brosh has a new book out. There is a bright spot in 2020 after all.

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