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Welcome to the fediverse, new folks.
I’m an author working on my third book.
I also cohost a podcast about medieval stuff.
Here I make a lot of inane complaints about innocuous things. I also talk about the writing process.
I also post the occasional pic of myself scantily clad because, well, I can. They’re tagged.
I post pics of my dog and cats, too. They’re never clad.
Advice to newcomers: this isn’t Twitter. Rules are different on every instance. Don’t start shit.
See you around. 👋

I got a sectional yesterday!
Every 80’s/90’s kid wanted a sectional in their living/rec room! They were fun and said you were the family that had fun Saturday nights.
Mine says, “She gets high and let’s the cats climb all over her whilst trying to catch up on Ozark.”


Wait, this is still around?
Can Google just shut things down and stop reminding us that they create things, stop supporting things, keep things around long after they abandon them, and then shut them down years after they’ve rolled out new, identical products?

My new house looks like a frat house.

The term is "stately colonial" but throw in some red solo cups on the front yard and blast some Post Malone or Future on the Bluetooth speakers and you'll get some Sigma Delta Barfo vibes from it.

Normally I would follow this up with something lighthearted to cheer myself up but…I think I want to stew for a bit.

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I’m not surprised by the RvW decision. That was going to happen. We all knew it. (All except Susan Collins, apparently!)

Doesn’t make me any less sick to my stomach and depressed.

Make mine the theme from The Wire.
I want to imagine everyone’s reaction when “waaaay doooown in a hoooole….” comes blaring over the speakers.

Friends have left after a good week.
My 🎂 is on Saturday.
Emotional. Whiplash.

The movers have NOT called to confirm their exact time and day of arrival. I am not happy about this.
Which means it’s likely going to be closer to Friday that they get here, not Wednesday.
Great. Very convenient.

✅ Woke up
✅ Was bisexual
✅ Was out of hot chip
✅ Had wave of depression due to the state of this country
✅ Full of anxiety about the move
✅ Went back to bed
🔲 Lie?

"you have so much passion. you do not mind things changing around you because you feel like you are always changing inside. you love hot chocolate. you have a determination that impresses people. you love nothing more than a good book. you have a gift for giving others emotional support but have trouble asking for it for yourself. you are reliable and trustworthy."

I'll take it.

I love her. She's busy AF and sometimes drops off for a while but when she hears that I'm in need she goes, "I'M COMING." And then she's there.

Get you a friend who will drop shit for you.

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Video chatted with my BFF in CO.

Told her about our lack of help in the move. She said, "That's it. We're flying out to your new house to help you unpack and set up."

Me: "Hahaha--wait, seriously??"

Her: "Yep. Get ready."

This evening, she texts: "BOUGHT TICKETS. GET READY."

Me: 😍

I watched the trailer for CBS’s True Lies’ tv show and now I hate everything.

Look, that movie wasn’t perfect and, yes, could use an update. But that trailer and that network defanged it. Who is that for now?

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (Lite spoilers) 

There is one CGI character that they reveal early on (and then use) that I nearly choked on when I saw him. Won't spoil who, but think recent and unpleasant.

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