Animal Crossing progress: I have two villagers, blue furniture, and not a clue what to do next. Zen garden? Orchards?

I’ve been living that Animal Crossing: New Horizons life, so goodbye to all my other plans and hello to Tom Nook and the promises of an digital island getaway and constant wasp stings

Drug mention 

Reminds me of the time I mentioned going to PCB, Fla, and he goes, "Oh yeah, I remember going there when I was your age. Wow..." And he got misty eyed and looked off like he was remembering something. And I went 🤔 😧

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Drug mention 

I can't scandalize my Dad.
I told him about my trip to CO a few years back and it turns out we've been to the same sketchy places, just 40 years apart. 🤨
"I wasn't smoking weed though; I was in the service," he pointed out.

Last Week Tonight spoilers 

I'm just so happy John Oliver got his erotic rat art. Some joy needed to belo g in this world.

I’m going to buy AC:NH on Friday so I can play with my SIL. I haven’t got a clue what I’m in for but you all seem to be having so much fun that I feel left out!

Also observed two women power walking laps around the neighborhood. I think they're on their fifth. And counting.

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Got to talk to my friend and her 2 year old from a safe distance of ten feet while she was in her car and I stood in my driveway. I call that my socializing for the full pandemic.

Bloodshot (movie), no spoilers 

Watched Bloodshot last night on Vudu. Not great, but not terrible. Action movie, so action heavy with some PG-13 violence and Vin Diesel growling.

You know what I like? Vin Diesel’s weird Sci Fi movies. You know, the ones where he’s acting out his D&D campaigns? Those are fun. The Last Witch Hunter was surprisingly...interesting.

Darlene, the argie, all grow'ed up and on her first flight. Here she is encountering a lovely morellatops with Easter colors.

Recorded 2 podcast episodes today, so I can say I did something productive besides waiting for video game pets to grow up

Update: we lost some gigas. :( Adora lives on, but Gigabite Gigabit-it as did the twin boys. But don't worry, I'll fly away oh glory...

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Gotta log into the game and check on my babies.
They're hungry but growing so fast!

A separate egg hatched twins! These dudes will probably attempt to be friendly with my girls. But my girls are warriors first, egg-layers second.

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Their dad popped in to say hi, also. We didn't agree to early visitation, but I guess he was excited.

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Hatched two baby gigas. Meet Gigabite and Adora. We've imprinted and we will rule the world together. I dyed them Easter colors.

Pandemic, stress 

This has put me through the ringer, y’guys. If I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about sleeping. I asked for tomorrow off and told my boss that I was going to just sleep.

Granted, I’ll probably be too anxious to sleep but at least I’ll get to rest, so there’s that.

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