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I Feel Pretty Show more

ATL is rainy and mild, today. Beautiful, cozy weather. Always puts me in a fantastic mood. Windows open, fresh air, sound of raindrops and a distant stream. I love it here.

Hi! It's me! That giga is almost as frightening as my hair right now.

Work gripe Show more

Oh man. I am JONESIN' to play ARK this evening. I'm going to ride on SUCH a dinosaur.

Good morning. It's a beautiful day. Go do something fun if you can.
I think I'll take some pictures.

Just got an email from Flickr telling they had been bought by Smug Mug.

The dog's bed was empty this morning, with my dog choosing instead to sit on an extra pillow we have on the floor. I looked at the dog bed to see why she wasn't curled up in it as usual.
Turns out, one of the cats (Phoebe) hacked a giant hairball in it.

I look at emails sent by colleagues at 1:30am and wonder if they ever sleep

Work gripe Show more

Janelle Monae's The Way You Make Me Feel is stuck on repeat in my head because it is delightful and fun.

TGI Humpday, as I am mid-week through working until 10pm each night.
Friday I only have to work until 9pm, so...yay, I guess.

Good Girl certification under review -- made a terrible mess at the water bowl to get a stray piece of food.

I wish there was a way to hide Instagram stories.

Health tracking Show more

My FitBit broke so I don't have anything to nag me about getting up once an hour. Or anything to obsessively check for the time/step count.

Oh my god, these corp presentations are the woooooorst.
This presenter included an entire slide of just them -- a pic of them with their family, a list of their likes/dislikes, and hobbies. VERY IMPORTANT for a slide deck about a product.