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Welcome to the fediverse, new folks.
I’m an author working on my third book.
I also cohost a podcast about medieval stuff.
Here I make a lot of inane complaints about innocuous things. I also talk about the writing process.
I also post the occasional pic of myself scantily clad because, well, I can. They’re tagged.
I post pics of my dog and cats, too. They’re never clad.
Advice to newcomers: this isn’t Twitter. Rules are different on every instance. Don’t start shit.
See you around. 👋

Gross bathroom dream 

In more moving anxiety news, I had another recurring “gross bathroom” dream last night. This time, it was about the new house.

In the house, the en-suite was part of the bedroom and the shower was just a big, rusty pipe in the wall that sprayed lukewarm water out over and old VHS player and onto a patch of wet carpet. A Lion King shower curtain separated it off from the sleeping area, which had a broken piano.

I woke up in a cold sweat, having to pee.

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My garment box is here!
It’s a week late because my moving anxiety needs more fuel but it’s here now. I can pack up my clothes!

Think I can build a moat around the new house? Import a few alligators?

I really want a Nespresso for the new house but CAN'T because CAN'T HAVE CAFFEINE.

How does anyone travel cross-country with cats? These creatures are wiggly, pissy little bastards.

Here's some good news -- I've finally let myself mentally "move in" to the new house: I'm deciding on new paint, furniture arrangement, new appliances, etc. Now that things are more settled, I'm picturing myself living there.

Will I miss Atlanta?
Will I miss the South?
Hell no.

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But so far, the major things are booked. I can focus on shoving stuff into boxes. Yay!

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Apparently, the week I'm going to move is a popular week for all of America to move. It's hard to book movers. They're giving a window of time they'll be here and a HUGE window of time they'll deliver.


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Moving check-in:
A few boxes packed including books. I'm about to pack my shoes.
However, U-Haul forgot my garment box and I'm crushed. That's the most important box.

Still packing.
Found the backing to an earring I lost weeks ago.
My reproductive rights are still being trampled on.
Nephew came up over the weekend and wreaked havoc.
So yeah.

Look, if it wasn’t for family, I’d say fuck the fucking fuck out of this state.

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Picked a GREAT time to move to a trigger state /s

Do you know how many goddamn pantry containers I need to have my perfect Pinterest pantry?

No seriously, I need to know.

PH, doctors 

Luckily, I managed to reschedule for a telehealth appt for much earlier. SO HOPEFULLY THAT COUNTS.

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PH, doctors 

I had a ridiculous interaction with my doctor's office today.
Called to refill my Rx for 3 months because I'm moving, and need enough meds to get me through finding a dr in the new state.
I said, "I'm going to miss my appt in June because I'm moving at the end of May."
They said, "Sure, we'll see what we can do."
They call back: "Sorry, you need an appointment before we will refill your Rx."

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