Damn it. I've got class tonight but I really want to play more ARK.

Last night, my tribe build out a really nice base near the SW oasis on SE. There is a temporary stone wall up that blocks out 98% of bad things. But best of all, we made so much clay we're set for quite a while.

Look at this adorable soapstone sauropod I bought at the museum the other day!

I played ARK for the first time in about a month-and-a-half this evening! Delay reason: laptop issues (long story).

But today, I managed to run around Scorched Earth and found an oasis then nearly died when thorny dragons swarmed my tribe.

But it played pretty well!

Google Sites: something I'm genuinely interested in trying out. But Google has a horrible trend of sunsetting things I like as soon as I start using them.

See: Reader, Notebook, Plus, etc.

IKEA is a stressful, unpleasant place on the weekend filled with stressed out, unpleasant people.
Weekdays, however, it is nearly empty and you can practically do cartwheels in the aisles.
(I mean, don't do that because you'll knock over a Tidafors set, but you get my drift.)

Got my new work phone today. Upgraded from an iPhone 5s to a 7 and transferred over very quickly.

I have mixed feelings about the new phone. On one hand, the 5c was too small for my stubby thumbs. On the other, it was with me the longest out of all my phone's without needing to be replaced.

Still. My thumbs are thankful.

Classes on Tuesday and Thursday starting this week! I'm both nervous and excited but mostly worried about what clothes I'm going to wear.
Is business casual still the standard or can I just wear my sweats?

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The Bechdel Cast has Alfred Molina as their guest! 😲

My laptop doesn't allow me to invert my touchpad's scrolling so I'm having to scroll up for my feed to scroll down. This feels farcical and unnatural. 😖

I have enough stuff to do without multiple people whining at me to do their work too.

Not feeling well today, which means my tolerance for people not doing their work is low.

Today was house work day! We replaced the kitchen faucet which badly needed replacing. Tomorrow we're putting up a backsplash.

Also - dog got groomed, so there's that.

I feel like an entire year has gone by in this week already.

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