German, slightly cheeky, Duo Lingo 

Sehr interessant, Eddie…

Weed, funny 

Found this on Reddit. I sent this to my mom to get her response. I suggested, “Why didn’t she save any for me?”

Cheeky sex toy reference but sfw 

Not sure if this was intentional but the Bubly logo looks a bit like an nJoy Pure Wand

It’s Wedressday. 

Skirt is American Apparel
Top is Dudley Stephens
Glasses are Gunnar
Shoes are Salvatore Ferragamo
Hair is me.

If I don't tell people I have a "hard stop" at a certain time and then remind them five minutes before my hard stop and then immediately drop off at my hard stop, I'll have a never ending meeting.


I want to talk about how much I love this personalized Yeti cup but I don’t have anything to add other than 🥰

Cat: *tears up curtains*
Me: Stop that!
Cat: *tears up curtain, but cuter*
Me: Awww..

This cat is responsible for a lot of problems in the house.
Namely, I can’t get work done because he is so adorable.
He wants to be held all the time. He will cry until i pick him up. And if I don’t, he will climb me.
His cry sounds like a clown horn.
What a baby.

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