Got curious about Cluster, but saw that the iOS app hasn’t been updated in over a year. Meaning, the developer hasn’t shared the privacy sharing details yet.

Yesterday, I got my ears pierced for the first time!
Fifteen year old me is so happy.
I even went to Claire’s to get them done.

Once again, my folks’ hesitancy to do anything or communicate with each other reminds me of how gleefully I enjoy not giving a fuck about their problems.

My first experience with silver nitrate applied to a wound was unpleasant. It felt like a match put out on my skin — burning, tingling, and stinging. It subsided, then proceeded to itch for a very long time.

In other news, I got my bandages off today!

I thought this day would never come. I need to replace my magenta Crocs. The treads have worn flat.

This is devastating. I've had these clown shoes for almost ten years. If anything, this is testament to how long they last. And this is considered light wear for me.

Right ear (the good ear) has been clogged since Tuesday. I can’t hear out of it but at least I’m getting good sleep on account of not hearing anything.
Including my alarm.

Star Wars (very -) 

I, of course, was mortified. I didn’t like Star Wars. I just knew this trivia because I had a younger brother who watched the movies all the time. I learned by osmosis.


But the damage was done. I was Star Wars Girl for the day.

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Star Wars (very -) 

One of my nightmares came true in HS when my 10th grade History teacher asked, “Hey, what is that thing in the beginning of RotJ? The hole with all the teeth?” No one said anything and I, hating silence at the time and knowing the answer, spoke up and said, “Sarlaac Pit.”

My classmates turned around and stared at me, then whispered and giggled. My teacher said, “Sarlaac Pit! Thank you!” And went on with the lesson. But everyone continued giving me weird looks.

Interesting read. I remember shopping there when I was a teenager and thinking, “Great! Something for the in-between sizes!” Never dawned on me that they never went PAST a size nine…

Virgin flight thing 

“I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed.”

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Virgin flight thing 

Omg this is so boring fucking billionaires

As of today, it’s been a week and a day since my surgery and I’m doing well. Swelling/bloating is almost gone and my incisions are still itching.

I’d like to get back to exercising soon, which I can’t do until I see my dr, though.

Parks and Rec, Season 2 

I made it to “Ron and Tammy.”

Ann’s exposure therapy treatment to Leslie is some of the funniest television I had ever seen. The jokes are still funny today.

“Do you want to watch a porno later on with my wife?”
“What?! No! You’re disgusting!”
“…So, is that a no, or…?”

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I’m re-watching Parks and Rec on Peacock and it dawned on me when the show clicked for me. As in, I knew this show was “my show.” It was season 2 episode 4: “Practice Date.” I’m getting serious deja vu laughing at the jokes I did all those years ago.

(Yeah, LCK is in it. That sucks. But everyone else is so funny that it makes up for his presence.)

Very lewd 

As a reader of filth/erotica/porn, I know the importance of reading two books at once. That’s in case someone asks me, “What book are you reading?”

I’ve been “reading” Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist for 7 months now. I’m only on page 25. That book has, what 200 pages?

I’m *actually* reading He Fingered My Pussy and Made Me Come 25 Times by Sandrine St. Daydream…for the third time this week. That book has 550 pages. I’ve dog-eared the best parts.

Health, surgery recovery +/- 

Putting this behind a jump because there’s some possible grossness but

Day 5: So I’m still healing. Pain was still minimal. Today I felt some…stirring in my abdomen. Then some blood. Not heavy blood, just dark, last-day-of-cycle blood. This is not unusual, just kind of unpleasant.

Also, I’m tired.

Day 4 of surgery healing observations: is this gas-baby in my belly going to dissipate soon? It’s uncomfortable.

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