It was a decent hike, too. Three and a half miles in the woods on uneven terrain. Made it back as it started to rain.

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Sunday hike! Had to get one in before T-giving vacation ends. Tomorrow, I go back to work, back to life, and back to reality.

God, it’s SO much better staying home and having a low-key Thanksgiving without the pressures of family, friends, and other people.
A+++ will attempt to do again next year.

Um, who does this author think Animaniacs is for, exactly?
BoJack is for adults. Animaniacs is for children with some sly references for adults. You can’t compare the two.

"We need to watch more movies that I like. Our Netflix recommendations are just true crime murder shows." - Spouse.

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You can’t go wrong with thrifted cashmere.
Those boots are years old. I call ‘em my Sarah Connor boots because I feel bad ass in ‘em

I’m used to people ignoring me in person, BUT DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE ME ON THE INTERNETS

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RUDE. People be leaving me on read lately.

I’ve sent several texts/IMs with questions to people that have gone unanswered or responded to. Not sure if people are avoiding me or if I’m suddenly a ghost.

Outfit inspo 

Cowl neck and cords! I am prepared for sweater-weather, even if my hair is not.

So that iPhone 12 mini looks smol and cute but...that battery life. 🙅 I'll be holding onto my 11 for a while.

I have to take a Very Important Test today. Wish me luck.

I'm going to give this Among Us game that the kids have been playing a try. See what the fuss is all about.

I’m now obsessed with the You’re Wrong About podcast. I finished their Jessica Simpson episodes and now I’m listening to their Princess Di episodes.

My dog outsmarted me three times this morning.
First time: she pretended she ate all of her kibble but left a few bites plus a carrot. I told her she had to eat it all.
Second time: she was chewing the last bite. I said, “good girl!” But then she spat out the carrot.
Third time: I saw the carrot was missing and assumed she ate it. I went to let her out for her walk but it turned out she was laying on the carrot.
She really didn’t want that carrot. I called it and let her out.

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