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Can someone please create a slapstick comedy stage production called “Meetings: The Musical” and cast me as the lead. I may be rusty singing and dancing but I’ll be so well cast for the part. You can use my calendar for the script.

My favorite Thai place is open for curbside takeout. I miss them SO much and want their Guay Tiew Gai
SO badly...

But I'll have you know, there's only room for these two 🐅 in my life. They already eat enough.

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I could go for another round of Tiger King. Anytime, anywhere.




Tamed SO many aberrant creatures in the aberrant cave last night. It was fantastic.

Tiger King (+\-) 

This might be the sleeziest doc series that I've enjoyed about people I hate
I really liked Apple's ad for the new iPad Pro. Showed the contrast of what computers used to be vs what they are now.


There is an app called Co-Star which is an AI-generated horoscope app. I'm not one to believe or follow horoscopes but I like the app because the "horoscopes" are genuinely amusing and are rife for snark. They also make good writing prompts.

However, I got this one a few days before the COVID-19 self-isolation explosion. I saved a screenshot of it as usual and while I was going through them thought, "Well, shit."

Stardew Valley progress 

It’s still spring of year one and I don’t feel like I’ve been a good farmer yet. I still don’t have enough money for a coop and I’m short on fish for my community center. I didn’t grow enough cauliflower and now Jodi is going to go without?! Nooooo

COVID-19, Menstruation (+) 

My friend in NY and I managed to start our cycles at the same time and are now lamenting our terrible biological luck. But we have good humor about it.

COVID-19 (-) 

We recorded our podcast for Sunday last night and then talked for a long time about the affects of COVID-19 afterward. In particular, we discussed the long-term cultural changes for the US.

My thoughts are cynical as always. We’ll band together for a short time and then fracture apart.

Attended a meeting on data privacy and basically....get off Facebook and Twitter, everyone.

I just started. I’m barely through day 4. My parsnips are grown. A crow ate one of them. I have so much to learn, see, and do. I want to plaaaaay

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