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I've been working on my new site all day. I forgot how much fun this was. Why can't I do this all the time?

Oh yeah. The pay is shit and the customers are assholes. Yeah, never mind.

I think I solved my damn GoodReads author problem.

Unwell (Netflix) 

But seriously, no. There’s a difference between sexy, moan-y dancing and Tantra. I’d happily set up shop, rename myself Twirly Snakey Girl and start a Sexy Moan-y Dancing safe place for all women. It would even be free.

But I wouldn’t call it Tantra. Because. It. Isn’t.

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Unwell (Netflix) 

So, I’m watching the Tantra episode and that was an absolute rollercoaster.
Me (for the first 45 mins): Oh my god, what is wrong with these white people. What are they doing. What the fu—
Me (around the 45 min mark): Oh. Ohhh. Ok. Hmm. Yeah, I’m, uh, into this now. For reasons.

So the big tech blogs are back pedaling now about the new iPhone announcement tomorrow? Jeez, they were all OMG ITS GONNA BE LIT YALL up until, what, yesterday?

The last time we talked, my dad said he missed Windows NT. 🤔

Us pol (-) 

I stfg if the people who knocked on the door during were the QAnon scaries I saw demonstrating last week, I’m going to chase after them screaming “YOUR MOTTO’S FROM A REALLY SHITTY MOVIE AND Q IS THE GAUCHOS OF THE ALPHABET - ONLY U GO WITH IT.”

But seriously, fuck those people. Get away from my house.


Seriously, don’t eat it. Whoever tricked you into believing it was food is laughing maniacally and swimming through coins like Scrooge McDuck

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I arranged to have Fridays in October off. My plans are to continue working on my book and play the clarinet. My execution will be probably be watch YouTube and doomscroll.

My goal is to get a bag of Lays potato chips and eat the entire thing
I’m talking a Family Size bag
Not one of those Snac Pacs you get at the deli
I mean the one you get at the grocery store and you tell the check-out clerk “I’m having a barbecue this weekend!”
But you’re really just tearing it open without using your hands and refusing to share before you leave the parking lot

Wait, I wasn't SUPPOSED to work on Labor Day weekend.

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Good Labor Day weekend. Worked on the business website, toyed around with a new personal website, and worked some more on book #3.

Peloton making rowing machines and giving classes with a virtual coxswain
Oh wait, no that’s expensive as fuck don’t do that Peloton
I’ll just use my regular rower thank you

The deadbeats in my high school bragged/lied about going to Woodstock ‘99 in the Spring leading up to it. “I’m totally gonna go! It’ll be fuckin’ awesome!”

Suuuuuuure, man.

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Netflix is making a documentary (series?) about Woodstock ‘99. I barely got through writing that sentence without hearing the opening guitar rift from Break Stuff.

Yeah, I'm B.O.M.B.S. 


It’s getting to the point where the iPhone 12 rumor mill is now tedious. I’m now reading articles where the speculation is “the new iPhone 12s will have screens! And the new iOS! And you can make calls with them!”

I’m looking forward to them too, but...c’mon.

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