I love windows convertible tablets that have the default orientation as portrait because it means you don't just get blue screen of death, you get SIDEWAYS blue screen of death

@masklayer Ugh.

But otherwise, how is it? Always been curious about usability of the yogabooks.

@mdm relatively bad, lots of driver bugs, performance is mediocre, but overall it meets my needs and for me the compactness is worth it. Better secondary computer and personal laptop/tablet for me than a normal tablet because I can still run full creative suite and pair a mouse if I have to, but it's the size of an iPad 2 rather than the size of a laptop
But generally, it's bad


@masklayer Aw, that's a shame. Driver bugs should not be present on a production product from a major company. :(

How is the keyboard? I hear the yogabook keyboards are about the closest one can get to a full-size keyboard without actual keys (that's mostly usable).

@mdm It's like using an ipad keyboard without autocorrect, but a bit bigger. The haptic feedback and sounds are loud and bad so I turned them off. I think it's actually fairly easy to use if you set it in your lap and look down at it. I bet the new one's going to be easier to use because it's theoretically bigger, but for me the real problem is no autocorrect on the windows version.

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