Starting to suspect that the resentment many web devs seem to have towards non-Chrome browsers stems from a reliance on libraries and frameworks that are only tested in Chrome, maybe Safari if they're lucky. So in their mind that translates to firefox = broken and edge = broken.

@baldur Yup, this was something I learned on the Edge team. Chrome doesn't have bugs; only other browsers do. That's what happens when it's the primary browser everyone uses for devving and testing.

@baldur This also applies to performance. JS frameworks relentlessly benchmark themselves in Chrome and thus optimize for Chrome-specific patterns. Then those same JS frameworks go into browser benchmarks like Speedometer… 😛 Not to say Chrome isn't doing things right at all, but it definitely has the wind at its back.


@nolan @baldur Ugh. What a mess. I was doing web dev during the mid 2000's when we were finally starting to break the IE6-only hold, and it feels like all that work is being undone now. :(

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