drugs & jordan peterson 

i'm glad that Jordan Peterson spent a year publicly advancing his claim that eating a 100% meat diet cured his brain worries and allowed him to completely stop taking antidepressants.

but now it's been revealed that he had actually developed a significant Klonopin habit and he had to check into rehab to quit.

this is significantly more educational than anything he's ever written. addiction is not a moral failing. that can't be said of claiming beef cures depression.


drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz All I got from the three-hour Joe Rogan "interview" with Jordan Peterson (that I listened to out of curiosity) was a feeling of immense sadness. Jordan Peterson is a person with multiple mental and physical ailments (and he was surprisingly open about them), and I'm not surprised his worldview is so combative and angry because of it.

I also got that I'm pretty sure Joe Rogan is just a bot that does interviews. Has anyone actually seen Joe Rogan in person?

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