Looks like LineagesOS stopped supporting my phone (OnePlus 5T) back in April, and now the FFUpdater app I use to download Firefox is broken (notabug.org/Tobiwan/ffupdater/). It was already a weird, dodgy solution, and now I can't even get the old Firefox (not Firefox Preview) which was running an older version (68 ESR).

Is this it? Is this the moment I give up on de-Googled Android and get an iPhone? The iPhone SE is seriously tempting at that price point…

Like, de-Googled Android is an interesting experiment in that "hey, it actually works," but basically half the apps I would normally use aren't supported, and all I get is the cold comfort that Google Maps isn't tracking me or spamming me with "hey rate this location" notifications. (Not that I move around much anymore.)

I've looked at Pinephone and Librem and they both seem to be in the "tech demo" phase. Whereas an iPhone just works

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@nolan You're right that they're still unproven, but I won't ever be able to bring myself to spend apple money on a device that I don't control.


@zack @nolan Buy used -- I'm never paid more than $200 for an Apple device. :P For that price, I get a phone that does literally everything I need, and I've never needed to worry about it crashing a single time, which, in my 10 years of using Android, was something I had to worry about constantly.

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