I don't think I like playing deckbuilder games as much as I like watching Northernlion play them

I know Northernlion is like the Binding of Isaac guy but I've never watched any of his Binding of Isaac videos..mostly because I don't like the look of Binding of Isaac

I found his channel via uhhh his Dark Souls 3 videos I think, i don't quite remember

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I actually haven't played chess in a long long time

like both against a computer or against people, physically or digitally


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as a kid I used to play a lot of chess, digitally it used to be a pirated copy of Chessmaster on my PC

and also physically with my dad

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I remember if you turned up the difficulty in Chessmaster, the computer would take a /lot/ of time processing its move

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playing board games with the fam is how I discovered that Monopoly is a terrible terrible miserable little game to play

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@packetcat If the history is true, Monopoly was literally created to show people how landlords made their tenants poorer over time, through the slow and steady increase of rent (while the landlords don't undergo the same increases in yearly costs). It's not quite "Capitalism, the game" (since the practice is close to something like feudalism), but it's very close.

That being said, I have had some incredible fun playing this game with family. 😆 (Though we often change the rules as we go.)

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