In an attempt to reduce registration spam that has lately been affecting some Mastodon servers on I will be applying a custom patch to Mastodon v3.2.1.

This will require a restart of instances hosted on and cause ~30 seconds of downtime.

You can read the details here:

Do let me know if you notice any registration problems with this patch and if you were getting regular spam registrations see if there is any reduction in the next days.

@mastohost Thank you! Rate-limiting for the submission of forms is something that should just be built-in to *everything* by this point! Thanks for creating it.

@mdm for now it is working. The spam registration that was going on for weeks is now down to zero, let's hope they don't find a work around.


@mastohost Oh, they could find a workaround, but it would be a _slow_ one, right? 😆

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@mdm well, in theory it would take at least 3 seconds per request. So, they could make 20 registrations a minute. Still a big pain if they really wanted to be like that but I never seen nothing close to those even before implementing these "traps". It's just more work they would need to put into building a throttling mechanism.
Also, at those volumes probably IP blocking would work because it's hard to use a unique IP for each request when we are talking a volume like that.

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