Those... bastards. They finally went and did it.

<content warning: cannibalism, soy, veganism>

My new favorite vegetable -- the "Romanesco" broccoli. It is actually the result of its genes trying to grow into a flower, failing, and then getting stuck in an infinite loop and repeating over and over again: "A 2021 paper has ascribed this phenomenon to perturbations of floral gene networks that causes the development of meristems into flowers to fail, but instead to repeat itself in a self-similar way."

[By Aurelien Guichard - Flickr: Borough Market, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Renting books from my local library, directly from my Kobo eBook reader.

Amazon doesn't let you do anything like this.

If you want to try an eBook reader, get a Kobo.

Two jars of fig preserves, with little garter belts on them.

Using the new iOS Mastodon app, just because. It's nice. Especially because of:

Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla farting around in Tesla's laboratory, 1894:


Paryake Chocolate Chip Cookies "CRUNCHY":

Absolutely delicious. Tasted just like the real thing. 10/10

I think I'm going to sit out this generation of consoles.

From left to right:

* Weird speaker from IKEA
* Monolith from 2001
* A design that will age about as well as store-brand cheese

On the left: a pair of $100 JVC noise-cancelling headphones.

On the right: a pair of $15 "AmazonBasics" headphones.

The AmazonBasics have so much better sound quality it's truly sad. I never even realized until I had both headsets in the same place, and decided to switch them out one after the other for a bit, just to see.

flashing strobing lights, colors, and gratuitous amounts of soap

Every now and then I check my spam folder. I've noticed that as the economy slows down, the quality of scam emails has gone down:

I wonder: is "F5" the typical keystroke for "refresh", sometimes seen as a circular arrow icon, because "F5" is a type of tornado?

Strange how Google's algorithm thinks Courtney Love is basically not real

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