@ajroach42 @Unairedspecifics @lienrag Ugh. Companies doing that, when they've had continuous web presences since the 90s, bothers the hell out of me.

How hard is it to make sure your links stay valid?

Weirdly enough -- the only two websites that seem to make keeping links valid a priority is 1) bbc.com and 2) cnn.com. I have links to news articles in blog posts that are nearly 20 years old, going to those two websites, that _still_ work.

@ajroach42 @Unairedspecifics @lienrag Also, one person making their own backup is still leaving it up to a single person to manage the data. There's backups of things I made just 10 years ago that I've already lost. :P

@ajroach42 @lienrag Not to mention -- someone has to run those web archives. Those organizations can and do run out of funding/get shut down/can just stop working. They're private businesses.

@ajroach42 Tourists probably act even worse. I believe you're on the right track when you suggest that on days like that, when you do more business than you expect anyway -- close down early. Spend the rest of the time cleaning up, and then your employees don't get as burnt out.

@ajroach42 Well -- there's also the massive offshoring of manufacturing that finally caught up with the US....

That being said, working in retail sucks. I've done it once, for six months. Most bitter, entitled, grumpy people I've ever met in my life. Americans treat anyone working behind a cash register like dirt.

@crickxson It's almost like the EU is a massive confederation of half a billion people who don't all think or act the same way, or something

@robotcarsley @srol But I have this same problem on my work iPhone. Nothing but spam, spam, spam, all day long.

What finally helped?

1) Turn off iMessage (I don't need it on my work iPhone, anyway)
2) Turn off MMS messaging (all the "group spam" stuff stopped after that)

@robotcarsley @srol This. There's no effort being expended on their part, nearly at all.

A bigger problem is the re-use of numbers. :P

@gabek @markus ...which is so weird, as I _just_ experienced an issue where, when going from one Mac to another (via Apple's own migration tools), Time Machine just _stopped_ making backups, and never even let me know about it. :P

I'm like you -- Time Machine had worked _very_ well before that point. Lucky, I found out about this before it went too far (as it was, I didn't have backups for about two months).

@srol The initial reviews for it were apparently bad, so I guess they stopped most advertising for it. >_<

@johnweeks @Gargron At least there's still a multi-party system to keep the far-right contained in Deutschland. In the US, they're just slowly taking over one of the only two parties.

@zeitverschreib @meena What's weird is that I _knew_ this was happening today, which is a Sunday, but my American brain automatically replaced it with a "Saturday," because the idea of "voting on Sunday" in the US is something we've been told for years is _impossible_.

I have just been informed that Germany actually votes on a Sunday, which is even more better.

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