Current events, I guess. Sad. Police. 


I was thinking about this today, too. Heartbreaking.

Find out if your local PD does "Warrior Policing" training. If so, ask them to stop.

"When all one is trained to do is swing a hammer, everything is going to look like a nail."

(Please don't suggest an ARM Chromebook. Already have one. :) )

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ARM laptops that run Linux -- any suggestions?

Link to purchase, with a large paperback with (hopefully) full-cover facsimile images coming later this year --

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The famed "Saxon Nymph," Elizabeth Elstob was a major figure in 18th-century Anglo-Saxon antiquarianism at a time when education was often closed to women. Born in 1683, she was raised by an uncle who discouraged her education. Nevertheless, she eventually became proficient in eight languages and made major contributions to the field.

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From a nearly 300-year-old book by a woman author I helped re-issue:

"For first, I know it will be said, What has Woman to do with Learning? This I have known urged by some Men, with an Envy unbecoming that greatness of Soul, which is said to dignify their Sex. [...] Where is the Fault in Womens seeking after Learning? why are they not to be valu'd for acquiring to themselves the noblest Ornaments? what hurt can this be to themselves? what Disadvantage to others?"

-- Elizabeth Elstob

We'll just have to somehow make the next crop of MBAs think it was _their_ idea to make it happen. I can see the meetings now...

"New for 2027 -- separate development and support teams! Benefits: timelines will no longer be missed, since your developers aren't also up all night handling issues. Increase innovation because people aren't burned out from basically working two jobs.

Aren't we brilliant?"

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I eagerly await the implosion of the "DevOps/YBYO" model in about 5-7 years, after everybody is burned out and literally all the deadlines have been missed.

Then things can go back to the way things were. It'll be nice.

@fribbledom @Baggypants I'd be really surprised if repeated violations of that didn't make them also block the UNID of the actual Quest unit you're using. :\

Fake accounts are really not a solution. If you have to violate the EULA of a product even to use it... stay away.

It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be, after I understood it for what it was, which was half play, half ballet.

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Just watched all two hours of the 1990 Russian version of LotR. That was a trip.

@packetcat If this was multiple choice I could select "no pulp" and "with pulp", since I like both. 😆

Like, is it just parasocial relationships? Are video games not really part of it, and are just basically a McGuffin that gives people the excuse to tune in ("I like this game, that's why I watch"), when really, why they watch is the celebrity?

If I stop thinking about video games as having anything to do with it... okay, it makes sense. Parasocial relationships; I get why they're so popular, especially today, when people struggle to find any community at all to be a part of.

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I've tried to watch streams. I've tried. I just read an entire, very long-form article about it. I feel more lost about the subject than when I started.

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I don't get streaming.

Like, I get it, on a technical level. I just don't get why everyone cares so much, so suddenly. Either positive or negative.

It's like the world was suddenly obsessed with eating green beans, and it was like the coolest thing, and everyone was doing it, and I'm just sitting here going, "huh?"

Is it just celebrity culture, same as it's always been, just replace movies with broadcasting from your bedroom? If that's all it is, okay, I get it.

"So you're vaccinated -- what are you waiting for??" says The Verge.

Umm.... everyone else to get vaccinated? Ya think?

@dansup I am looking forward to clicking "No" on so many app prompts in the next month. Fun fun fun.

@ajroach42 @djsundog This was before Google Pixel devices, so, had they been around at the time, I _might've_ stayed, actually. I've helped a few members buy Pixel devices over the years and have generally been impressed.

@ajroach42 @djsundog It's those "Updates through cell providers" and "Planned obsolescence" that finally pissed me off so much I left Android. 😩 When it got to the point that I, on a flagship Android device (Samsung Galaxy), had *apps* telling me things like, "Hey, we noticed there are unpatched security issues from six _months_ ago on your phone? Maybe do something about that?" I just gave up. Had been a loyal Android user since actual Android 1.0.

@djsundog @ajroach42 All jokes aside, I sometimes wonder if Android phones would get quicker updates if there _was_ only two manufacturers. Or if just there were _less_ drivers available to run Android on different hardware?

I don't believe Apple has any sort of secret sauce about providing updates -- they just have less hardware to target.

Microsoft seems to do it, for Windows. (Though, like Apple, they also have the ability to push out updates to users directly.)

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