@nolan Holy crap. Those are the kinds of horror stories that stops me from moving more to the cloud. :\

I've got some things running there, and even I, nearly on day 1, set up "cost threshold alerts".... I don't want to blame Troy here, but I'm _really_ surprised he didn't have those.

Why, in 2022, is there no easy way to transfer my playlists/likes etc, from Spotify to Apple Music? Why doesn't Apple have such a tool? Wouldn't it be in their interest?

Renting books from my local library, directly from my Kobo eBook reader.

Amazon doesn't let you do anything like this.

If you want to try an eBook reader, get a Kobo.

@mdhughes @ajroach42 I'm still using a RasPi3 for things -- is the performance increase on the 4 worth it for any particularly purpose?

@ajroach42 That is so weird.... :\ Just yesterday, a friend of mine brought up M&M's randomly in conversation. (I am not on social media, they are.) So, I know it's something that's making the rounds on social media.

Damn, the stupidest things go around on social media sometimes. -_-

@packetcat I have friends who would love to get their hands on something even like a 1060, but you just can't, anymore. If this card could actually go for around $200, I'm probably going to be helping people buy it, especially if the cryptobros stay away from it.

@packetcat This article is scathing, even for my favorite anti-google author.

@packetcat This

the minute I get money in a paypal account, it gets transferred out. I've done that for nearly 20 years.

@evilscientistca Ooooh -- that actually answers a question I always had, why the largest giants always seemed to be on the redder end of the spectrum, right?

Covid risk calculus, improv 

@srol Glad to hear you're all better.

And yeah -- I'm really shocked at the amount of "workplace events" that I'm seeing scheduled now, where I work. It's like everyone is just ignoring Omicron, completely.

@evilscientistca I have always loved that luminosity and color don't seem _that_ interlinked, as far as stars are concerned? Like, you can have red and blue stars, of the same luminosity.

Or are those stars of vastly different sizes?

@packetcat I stopped even bothering to look up prices, or availability, some time ago.

@packetcat <- how I've felt about nearly any GPU-related news for about a year, now >_<

I'm trying to move some local VMs to containers, completely to the cloud -- is there a cloud service that will basically just let me upload and run an image in a container-based environment, cheaper than running VMs?

@nolan I've noticed that newer versions of Firefox seem to be somehow "spoofing" my location to websites -- this could definitely cause some websites to trigger some sort of "hacking alert" and cause an account to be logged out, if they notice "you" suddenly trying to access your data using the same cookies, but from a very different location.

@samgai And don't even get me started on "swiping up" on iPadOS. Dear god.

"Swiping up" on iPadOS does *three* distinct things, depending on A) where you start from, B) how fast you do it, and C) how straight of a line your finger moves.

It's _horrible_ UI.

@samgai I maintain getting rid of the home button on iPhones was one of the worse decisions Apple has made, UI-wise.

The home button was a *godsend* to older users.

me: "No matter where you are in this phone, just press this button, and you'll be returned home. If you ever get lost, just press this."

them: "Really?"

me: "Yes."

Now, I have no idea what to tell them. Swipe up? If they don't "swipe up" from the exact right spot, it doesn't work.

@signalstation They should take you up on the offer. You could probably still get to orbit quicker than Bezos.

Neatest thing about the Matrix 4 -- all my favorite actors from Sense8 get another chance on the big screen. Seriously, I think 50% of the cast of Sense8 is in the movie.

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