@srol Nope nope nope. You know how it works: "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."

You know what's weird?
I really like the new Mastodon iOS app, but without the timelines, it's, I don't know, not as useful? :/
I'm still formulating how I think about it. It kinda feels instead like a messaging app?

@Gargron No, why can't it be all things to all people, how dare you

Using the new iOS Mastodon app, just because. It's nice. Especially because of:

@nolan I really try to defend Apple as much as possible, when pitted against Android... but _why_ Apple hasn't spun-off Safari into its own individual app, updated through the App Store (like Chrome, on Android) is beyond me.

If you were to say they're doing it on purpose, to hamstring browsers so you're forced to use apps, I would believe it.

scorching hot food take 

@srol I don't know -- I maybe used to think this until I experienced some really authentic Indian food. Then I learned that, despite food being full of flavor, having tons of dipping sauces is just fun!

@ajroach42 That is frankly incredible, that that picture was taken in 1948.

@baldur Huh. So 1) hucksters 2) critics 3) old fogies stuck in the past.

This must be why so much of what people do with tech today bores me.

@evilscientistca M57! One of the first big stellar objects I saw in a telescope as a kid. Will always remember that.

@fribbledom I love voice mail for this reason. Even if I recognize the number... sometimes I just let it go to voice mail anyway. 😆

I'm always busy, so weirdly if I even answer a call, it's usually on my watch.

Bought a Mac for myself. Tired of Windows. First Mac I've bought this millenium. (Last one was a G3 Mac bought in the late 90s.)

Found a used one on Swappa that was kinda beat up. Wanted to give it a chance.



Lol! Took me a second to get this. This makes perfect sense.


That sounds like a very useful kind of test, and I am surprised I've never encountered this before. :\ (I've even been involved with hiring for about 7 years now.)

@ajroach42 I don't know what an IC1 codetest is, but I've always found the best way to learn code is just to jump right in, with a purpose (like when I wanted to build an automated light using a Raspberry PI -- all the code was in Python).

Is this tech a "self-starter?" A "Raspberry PI + some sort of light" might be a great place to start.

@nolan Wow -- that read was _depressing_. 😩

This person dreamed about Twitter in the same way that someone who struggled with alcoholism probably dreams about giant liquor bottles.

And the saddest thing? They're probably back on Twitter now.

@ajroach42 Oh boy -- just read what Copilot even was. Talk about a solution in search of a problem.

@ajroach42 Haven't heard anything about this -- is there a certain case you're thinking of?

I agree with what another commenter said about the Oracle v. Google case not being great for the "little guy" in the end -- as much as I dislike Oracle... that take isn't incorrect.

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