@packetcat The super slim wasn't so bad. It's quieter than the PS4 Pro, that's for sure.

@chosafine @packetcat

Even "downforeveryoneorjustme.com" is down, which is kinda funny

@packetcat Yeah, I'm using cloudflare on my pihole; having problems with certain sites too.

@ajroach42 Depends; what month is it? It feels like April.

It's April, right?

@schmittlauch Seriously. What's preventing someone from just posting a link to the hash? 😞

I am constantly thankful for git.

It largely helps keep my code safe from devs who don't know how to use git correctly.

@packetcat Maybe when I have to log in directly to gmail when my IMAP stops working (years from now) I'll get to experience this πŸ˜†

Privileged Whinging. 

@ajroach42 Honest question that is stuck in my head: why is your landlord complaining to *you* about *their* compost heap? πŸ€”

@DeltaFlood Now I'm trying to solve this, just for fun. Would the distance from the star matter?

@nolan If you're a nerd like us, yes. πŸ˜†

I play with lots of PC gamers that never configure a single thing past the point when they take it out of the box.

But then there's us, who are tinkering with something every time we turn the thing off (and more often than not, causing problems).

@signalstation I was about to say "welcome back" to you and then realized you hadn't gone anywhere, and I actually think I've lost track of time and there are large parts of the day when I still think it's March.

@Cryoclaire I am loving the "Tour of Unylsk" series and lol'ed at the line: "and in the center, Dan, desperately trying to impress a lady." πŸ˜†

@forteller Wow. I'm guessing music producers? Would honestly love to hear why someone bought one of these.

Tried looking up a review of one of these, and it was like reading a scientific paper about sound engineering.

@packetcat I have been relying on Asus to make BIOS updates easy for about 20 years now.

No company makes it as easy as they do. I remember even like 10 years ago they had downloadable tools that would update your BIOS, right from the Internet -- it was like magic.

@packetcat If the history is true, Monopoly was literally created to show people how landlords made their tenants poorer over time, through the slow and steady increase of rent (while the landlords don't undergo the same increases in yearly costs). It's not quite "Capitalism, the game" (since the practice is close to something like feudalism), but it's very close.

That being said, I have had some incredible fun playing this game with family. πŸ˜† (Though we often change the rules as we go.)

@packetcat Full disclosure -- I have never worked with IPv6 and just turn it off every chance I get. :P

I'll wait until I'm hooking up to the v6-only Musk-net via Starlink to use it. :p

@zack They could also, you know, stop making the address bar slide away when we scroll πŸ˜‚

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