blind person looking for a keypad :boost_ok: :at_me: 

@haetch Had any help yet?

Those... bastards. They finally went and did it.

<content warning: cannibalism, soy, veganism>

...waiting just a _little_ longer for GPU prices to come down to try to get a new GPU. I don't think we've reached the bottom yet.

May 25, 2022: I finally got a full version of VS Code working on a Chromebook with an ARM chip, using Google's built-in Linux environment (no "developer mode" ChromeOS needed). Awesome.

@Nina Nice! I hear "capsules" and I think "dissolvable caps that you put into a cup of hot water, and get Nespresso." Unfortunately they look more like K-cups. :P

@packetcat You were right about _The Raven Tower_ by the way. _Weird_ book. Can't put my finger on why it's so weird, exactly (but I'm only 1/3 of the way through).

Very interesting "first-person" perspective style, I'll say that, though.

@TheGibson Or, don't teach them, so it continues to be easy to track them down.

@TaxDan Ugh -- I feel you. I hate these conversations at work. I usually shut these things down quick, because sometimes the wrong people may think I'm on their side.

My response when these conversations start up at work (rarely): "guys, I don't think is it all work appropriate. Let's get back to the task at hand." 😩

@ajroach42 I'm hopefully moving out of the South forever in a week

@thomasfuchs Incredible shot -- incredible setup! Now I'm going to try to emulate this. :P

@jollyrogue @ajroach42 @TheoEsc Ooh, very true, very true. It may be that our technology has gotten to the point where, if it's not solving a problem now, it probably can't, and we should start looking elsewhere for a solution.

@ajroach42 I just... what?

"He idolizes late era (80s) USSR politicians."

... does he know they were all atheists?

Upgrade installed!

Everyone on is now running Mastodon v3.5.2.

Any issues or questions please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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@eldritch48 Heck, slap a story together, create a Kickstarter, and you've got my money.

Not to mention the ugly elephant in the room -- there's the issue of former disgraced Premier Trump. Trump has a good shot of being the next President again, and all this man wants to do is get back on Twitter. He's tried to recreate Twitter twice since he was kicked off (and failed -- his personal "blog" and "Truth Social"). Owning Twitter at this point is playing the long game (something Elon Musk _is_ good at) at basically having a _huge_ influence on the potential next POTUS. 6/6

Basically, whether we like it or not, who controls Twitter controls the public discourse, and now that's Elon Musk, which is interesting, because (as anyone knows if you've seen a presentation done by Musk), "communication" is *NOT* one of Elon Musk's core competencies. 5/6

Twitter is _enormously_ valuable, and still distressingly relevant. A thing can be both of these things, _and_ still be "bad".


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