@packetcat Ooh -- that sounds like something I need to report to a bugtracker. :D

Glad I tested this, this time, before the 20.04.1 update came out.

@packetcat DHCP (it's a static IP assigned by the AP, though, but I don't think the VM would know that, right?).

@packetcat Agreed.

Weirdly enough, speaking of Ubuntu 20.04...

I have one VM that I'm testing the upgrade on, and weirdly enough, after about half a day after boot, it seems to "lose" its IPv4 address? I can't remote into it via SSH anymore, and have to use virt-manager to see its console and yep: no IPv4 address when I run ifconfig.

Heard about this weird issue yet?

All caps, rage, insect bite 

@srol Looks like what we call a "yellow jacket" where I live. (Different from a "thin-waisted" red wasp, but I notice people from other parts of the world call these wasps.)

Yellow Jackets are _very_ aggressive -- they will sting nearly without provocation, unlike other insects that seem to just do it in defense.

Heck, even "real" red wasps are less aggressive. 😔 "

The good thing is the yellow jacket sting hurts like hell, but doesn't do lasting damage.

@ajroach42 I'm working on my company's second print book release. Which is funny since we got our start as an ebook company, but Amazon has made it so easy to print on-demand, that we branched out. 😆

@zack @nolan Buy used -- I'm never paid more than $200 for an Apple device. :P For that price, I get a phone that does literally everything I need, and I've never needed to worry about it crashing a single time, which, in my 10 years of using Android, was something I had to worry about constantly.

@fribbledom @grumpysmiffy Mirroring what others have said on here -- that _almost_ sounds like hardware virtualization is turned off.

(Also wanted to put in a vote for Virt-Manager on Ubuntu -- I've used it for years to graphically manage VMs on linux. It's great, no problems.)

@ajroach42 I wanted one of these SOOOO bad around the turn of the century. :P

I was like: "Floppy discs? That much cheaper than CF cards. I have tons of those!"

@jk But then your finger slips and you touch the sun's heatsink and you get burned.

@fribbledom The year is 2040: all Ubuntu development was frozen circa 2025 or so, and Ubuntu is now used in interstellar probes. You can only commit to master if you have an actual foot-long beard, and it will only run on purpose-built radiation-hardened RISC chips made in small batches from Apple-TSMC.

@packetcat This explains why I couldn't find the Beta this morning! :P Ended up using 19.10.

@Gargron America is a big place. It's farther from New York City to where Joe Exotic lived, than it is from Berlin to Moscow.

What is incredible is just how restrained Netflix was with the making of Tiger King. They didn't exaggerate one bit.

@packetcat Thanks! Yeah, the screenshots I've seen look _gorgeous_.

But yeah if one needs the 2080 at this point (which is close to $1000!) to run this well... I'm fine waiting.

@packetcat _really_ trying not to upgrade my video card just for this, but... is it worth it? Wanted an anecdotal opinion.

@loke @packetcat It's supposed to be coming soon via Microsoft's DirectX-specific implementation of ray-tracing, that'll work on all cards that support DirectX. Weird that MS did it first with Nvidia's proprietary solution, but that's just the usual case of Nvidia getting there first (like with CUDA back in the day).

@srol @prophet_goddess But Ohio is way more "Aw, shucks, this is just small town Americana, you know"

@sylvia_ritter Enough lurking -- I finally became a patron! :D Just had to. Anything to help your tarot deck become reality.

@ajroach42 Nope -- those are it.

One time, when I was younger, I remember flipping through a comic book that my cousin owned -- it was superman, dressed in black, with a mullet, inside the bowels of a enormous machine, the size of a city? And there were other SuperMen?

I have never learned what that was all about.

It was so far from the "Christopher Reeve fights Lex Luthor" _thing_ I thought SuperMan was at that age, I remember being just as scared as I was intrigued.

@ajroach42 That's a good question! I was about to say "movies made about them," but that makes zero sense today. :P

I think it's because I know more people who also "aren't" into comic books, that have somehow read Watchmen, but nothing else. Weird, you're right.

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