@Username_Here_ASAP @ajroach42 This is actually the reservation my grandfather is from -- at one point I'm pretty sure it had the distinction of being the "poorest reservation in the country." Very cool that they could do this.

I'm sure something like a partnership with Starlink would work even better for reservations, but it's not widely available yet, and I'm guessing they needed this *now*.

@mastohost Once again, thank you for taking care of all of this! It's so nice not having to manage my own instance anymore. :P


@ekaitz_zarraga My god... are you saying that nerds like to be... pedantic...? 😆

Also worth mentioning: you "cheat entropy" by building for the web in the first place. All my old Android apps started getting broken by Google changes after about five years. Imagine if a five-year-old web page just stopped working due to a browser update.

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Ever played ARK: Survival Evolved?

Literally 450+ GB of space on my hard drive is dedicated, somehow, to dinosaurs.

@ajroach42 I support this endeavor.

Let me know if your staff has any need of two hypercard stacks I built when I was a kid:

1) one "super secret journal" program that's password-protected and everything
2) a stack that shows stats on members of the 1996-1997 Chicago Bulls

I don't know how useful they could be, but you never know.

@srol As I get older, I worry about this too. :)

Luckily, there's Spotify's "Discover Weekly" playlist. I listen to it religiously, each week, like I'm some sort of aging executive working at a record company. I've actually found some cool bands that were even touring in my local area on that list.


"Went to first church of Abraham, and Abraham wasn't even there. 1 star"

@nasser At least it's a positive rating? 4.8/5 isn't bad. Though I wonder who the 0.2 stars represents.

@packetcat I was pretty excited until I heard that Apple walked back a bunch of the privacy improvements they had made because Facebook whinged about it.

I wonder if that's the reason why the final version was rushed to the public before devs could see it. There's probably a few more bugs than usual that didn't get squashed along the way too.

@luna Try reading Neuromancer -- the main revolutionaries that facilitate the plot in the end are all Space Rastafarians.

@srol Yeah -- never understood this. Unless it's because the later books get _too_ deep into the failings of the Swedish Social Safety system? Or maybe they're too "critical" of men.

@Gargron Nope, but it's a lot of scary screens showing Windows XP, which is weird enough.

@packetcat As someone who helps publish books in Old English for fun, I'm right there with you.

"Modern" English has a tremendous amounts of ambiguity, compared to other languages (even just other languages that use the Latin alphabet!).

Take Irish, for instance -- there are vowels with accent marks, and vowels without. A lot less ambiguity about whether a vowel has a "short" or "long" sound.

@nolan At first I worry about what you say, and then I remember we've been here before in the 2000s. 😆

Once Google gets too big of a market share, they'll get complacent, and then either due to regulation in the EU or just general discontent with it elsewhere, we'll repeat all this again.

@packetcat The super slim wasn't so bad. It's quieter than the PS4 Pro, that's for sure.

@chosafine @packetcat

Even "downforeveryoneorjustme.com" is down, which is kinda funny

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