@nolan "Vlogs for people who have attention spans so short that even a Youtube video takes too much time."

@nandrew I am practically already buying the Q figure as a present for someone.

_real_ curious to find out what happened with that Signal outage earlier in the week. Does anyone know if they're released a postmortem report?

@sasha_sorokin @Gargron Not at all -- I think that's very doable.

But what's weird is... I thought that's what the federated feed was already? (Friends of friends?)

@fribbledom Yep, it's ridiculous. I looked into the cryptocurrency called "Dash" a while back -- it's apparently one of the few that doesn't have this problem, using a system called a "proof of stake" instead of "proof of work."

I'm sure it has its own problems, but I at least it's not helping heat up the planet by what it does.

@sylvia_ritter Your text descriptions of these pictures are amazing. πŸ˜€

@kepstin Oh, the days of using more than one slot. πŸ€”

Getting started with Docker. I feel like I'm playing catch-up. πŸ€”

Like, we could save _so_ much money by just skinning Google Sheets and putting a customer header image on it, or something.

Of all the years I've spend on teams creating applications and custom solutions for clients, I am thorough convinced that all most business teams really want is something that is basically just Google Sheets.

@mastohost You definitely have some idea about how much trouble you'll save yourself with that little message. When Parler does down soon after AWS pulls their hosting (the change is supposed to be executed tonight), there's going to be a lot of traffic your way.

@mastohost lol! πŸ˜† You have a hard job and I appreciate the work you do. Happy to continue being a customer

@srol There's some poetry there.

The same things our parents do for us when we're children because the world is confusing, we do for our parents when they're older because tech is confusing.

My parents won't stop asking me about the photos the Chromecast uses for its background, even though I never know what they are.

So I've just started telling them they're all my personal photos being streamed from my phone and making up stories for them.

@ajroach42 Protonmail? I've been using their free version for a while -- this year, I might start paying for a paid account.

And someone from the town where I live was killed yesterday at the US Capital. This is kinda screwing with me in a stronger way than normal. It's senseless.

Current events, I guess 

@ajroach42 "Yesterday was a recruiting event"

That is a _very_ interesting way to look at all that's happening. πŸ€”

A recruiting event for federated social media platforms that will start cropping up all over the place, now that Twitter/Facebook/Instagram are bringing down the banhammer hard?

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