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@ajroach42 Oh -- the distinction is vague, I recognize that. Thus the quotes.

I hear "graphic novel" typically in reference to something like Watchmen, and "comic books" to everything else. :P

@ajroach42 (I'm US based.)

That is fascinating. And I'm sure most of the comic books my friends had were secondhand, definitely.

Maybe, like any market that drops out, the unwanted/unused product gets dumped on poverty-stricken areas. That would explain why there was so much of it around where I grew up. 😆

@ajroach42 Granted, I didn't have any purchasing power as a kid, so maybe my parents just didn't like them?

@ajroach42 I guess everyone I knew growing up was reading tons of hot garbage. :P They never seemed to lack for comic books.

(Grew up in the country, ~1hr away from any major city. I define "major city" as "has chain restaurants." That's how small it was where I grew up.)

Now, I've read a few "graphic novels" (Watchmen, The Dark Tower, etc.) in my adult years, and have genuinely enjoyed it, so I have no idea why I just never read them when I was younger.

@ajroach42 I sometimes feel like I'm the only nerd who doesn't read comic books.

It's so ubiquitous an activity, I wonder why I never started. I know nerds from 20 to 60 years of age, and they're all comic book readers. It's strange.

@packetcat I truly enjoy the comment section at Ars Tech for this reason. It is literally the only comment section I read on the Internet anymore, simply because the assholes get downvoted and hidden very quickly. I never even have to see their posts.

@ajroach42 I keep almost writing a thing about politics, and then stop, but it has nothing to do with finding the right words.

I realize at the last minute that this is not the right venue.

On the left: a pair of $100 JVC noise-cancelling headphones.

On the right: a pair of $15 "AmazonBasics" headphones.

The AmazonBasics have so much better sound quality it's truly sad. I never even realized until I had both headsets in the same place, and decided to switch them out one after the other for a bit, just to see.

@keithzg In the end, I just gave up, sold it, bought a used Dell laptop, and put Ubuntu on it. 😆

@keithzg Ugh -- I _really_ wanted the Linux Application stuff to work -- just didn't. :\

And I had a Chromebook from a major manufacturer (Samsung) that was bought in the last two years. It got regular ChromeOS updates and was generally pretty zippy.

Even worse, the Linux Application stuff wouldn't even tell me why it was failing. It would go through its setup process, _look_ like it was working, and then when I tried to do anything with it, just a message saying "Unable to start." Great.

@keithzg @ajroach42 Last I used a Chromebook (several months ago) it was only possible to do any work with python via a webgui, or an android app (if the chromebook was lucky enough to support those) like Termux.

Unfortunately, Termux just had too many weird environment-specific irregularities to work around, and I eventually gave up.

Also, I too haven't had driver problems in Ubuntu for years... but then again I don't do 3D gaming on my Ubuntu box. I imagine it's still not great.

@mastohost I admit, I am offloading onto you the burden of keeping masto up to date, so I don't have to worry about it. :P

You know what -- just keep up the good work! :D

@ajroach42 This toot-thread is almost triggering me with horrible memories of trying to get drivers to work in Ubuntu back in the day. *shudders*

I hope you get it working! I still use Ubuntu as my daily driver, but only for 1) web browsing 2) coding in python.

(I could just use a Chromebook, except for 2.)

Just moved to a managed Mastodon account at @mastohost -- it's amazing. I should've done this a year ago! :P

They were even able to migrate my existing instance and data at no extra cost, and it took less than 30 minutes of downtime.

Thanks to the team at!

@CobaltVelvet I hope you never have to take one apart to clean catshit out of it.

I had to do that once. I don't know if I could do it again.


@mo That sounds like Phonics, the skill of breaking down words into sounds and learning to say them. From the trouble my coworkers have saying Indian names, I don't think it's taught in schools anymore.

@Are0h As a PC user, I am constantly envious of all these beautiful IDEs that Mac users get to use. :P

Visual Studio Code is _okay_ (it's what I use).

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