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Just moved to a managed Mastodon account at @mastohost -- it's amazing. I should've done this a year ago! :P

They were even able to migrate my existing instance and data at no extra cost, and it took less than 30 minutes of downtime.

Thanks to the team at!

TIL today: there is no "right" way to schedule a shutdown process in Linux without rolling your own systemd process. Really? Windows has this feature by default. :\

Wanted: version of PS4 and XBone homescreens that removes all "social" and "streaming" UI elements. Will pay.

Google is basically the Wells Fargo of tech companies now.

Huge, old, lumbering, slow to adapt, and the different parts of their B2B offerings, once you start cracking the surface, feel like they're made by several different companies, who don't really communicate with each other anymore.

In tech, 'smart' refers to any device that stops working when the company that manufactures it goes out of business, regardless of what it does.

Twitter: "27 people are talking about this!"

Translation: 27 people mindlessly clicked the "retweet" button, now you think there's a big brouhaha around this topic and so you're tempted to click

Welcome to your 2019 What You've Listened To Showcase!

This year you've spent 1,873 hours listening to Your Own Brain "Spinning Worst Case Scenarios When You Just Want to Sleep"!

Wow! Click here to tell Your Own Brain "Thanks!"

Just for laughs, I type "нетфликс.com" (, but it only works if you type it in using Cyrillic characters) into a web browser, and it's a legit site run by Miramax? Or is someone just wanting it to seem like that?

in case you've ever wondered why the "techbro" stereotype is so widely despised, here is a handy set of four images demonstrating why

The Matrix, 1999: Morpheus inserts a giant TRRS plug into Neo's head

The Matrix, 2019: Morpheus tries for 20 minutes to pair a Bluetooth neural interface to Neo's head before finally giving up

I have given up trying to get my team of devs to work as a team. I am shaking the dust from my feet, and turning from them in disgust.

I will now code as if I'm the only person on the team, which is what all of them seem to be doing, independently. I give up.

I finally get curious enough to listen to some XXXTentacion on Spotify, and after about three songs, I realize what a loss his death was, musically. Wow. I didn't know at the time.

So, apparently the latest Windows 10 1903 update is an absolute mess, if you've tweaked your Cortana settings at all. (Read: tried to disable Cortana as much as possible.)

Apparently Cortana will just start running in the background, using 30% of your CPU, and won't stop.

I'm using my Ubuntu partition as my main now, because of this. Why do I continue to run Windows? It sure isn't consistency, anymore, since Windows 10 came out. :P

Finally deleted my Instagram account, after letting it lie dormant for half a year. Facebook makes it _really_ hard to delete an Instagram account (their last site that's actually gaining users, I'm sure):

1) You can't delete it from the app
2) There's no UI or link to delete it through the web interface
3) You have to Google "how do I delete an Instagram account", that leads you to a page using an _old_ UI that looks like it's out of the iOS 2.0 web app days:

Seriously -- pay me overtime, and you'd get 55hours a work out of me. Otherwise, I'm just giving you free work.

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Literally had a meeting yesterday at $WORK, where I was asked if I was willing to "put in extra hours" towards something. I said, "Yes. Just pay me for it. Otherwise, no."

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