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Ooh -- the US DOD just cancelled the JEDI contract. That's HUGE news.

Microsoft, pushing a "News and Interests" item, directly to my Windows Taskbar, with a Windows Update, trying to force me to look at news they consider "important"?

Um, no. No no no no no. Time to buy a Mac.

1) Open developer tools in Chrome
2) Right-click on Refresh-button

You now have a context menu that can do things like "clear cache for this site", "hard reload". Incredible.

I play video games, but apparently, that's not enough anymore.

I must also spend time watching others play video games, instead of playing video games, like some sort of insane required "practice."

I also can't just play video games by myself, and must instead stream what I'm doing so people can tell me to kill myself while playing video games.

And, to top it all off, I must do all of this from within a hot tub.

Had to push back on my initial response of "I don't understand the Internet anymore" after reading this week's article about streaming, and just remember that "sex sells," and the Internet hasn't really changed that; just made it easier.


Just made the first update to my "simpleMastodonBot" python script in four years:

American businesses two years ago: "We just don't think remote work is feasible. Just wouldn't work. Reasons."

American businesses one year ago: "Wow, look at how quickly we converted into full remote-work! Aren't we amazing??"

American businesses one month ago: "Okay, everyone come back into the office. If we can't see butts in seats, how can we be sure you're even working?"

American businesses, this week: "...okay you can work at home a little longer"

Reason #672 why working at home should be allowed, if possible:

Gas shortages

Between this and everything going to a "streaming presenter" format, I am probably also five years ago from sitting down to watch a new show on Netflix, inexplicably seeing some unasked-for random person's face in the corner of the screen reacting and commenting to it, and then me picking up my TV and setting it outside next to the dumpster.

I am about five years away from being a grousing, cantankerous old man.

All I want to do is find a tutorial about how to fix [insert thing here]. And this is all I can find:

"Hey guys, like and subscribe

it's ya boy DJ Plumber here to show you how to fix this leaky faucet

but lemme talk real quick about the comments I received on the last video about toilets"


made a cryptocurrency myself, yeah, called "whispering secrets into the unsealed crypt" and watching the market, by which I mean "the crypt door" and if it opens, time to liquidate assets, flee the graveyard

but 'til that happens: $$$

It's 2021, and I see news reporting about an individuals new blog, and calling it a 'social media platform'. Where am I? Is this real life?

I'm a Berlin-based entrepreneur and am new to Mastodon.

My larger goal is to replace all creepy social services, such as:

• Twitter to Mastodon ✅
• GMail to ProtonMail
• Google Calendar to ProtonCalendar
• WhatsApp to Telegram
• Facebook to WT:Social
• Google Drive to ProtonDrive/NextCloud
• Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Anyone has similar ambitions or achieved the same?

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes", Mr. Warhol you are like little baby with your adorable toy 20th century notion of fame, we all get 48 hours where a billion people love or despise you and tell all their friends about you at once and it will be like doing an arm-long line of coke while shanking yourself in the spine with an epipen while the Sauron's Eye of global celebrity reduces you to a Vice article, a knowyourmeme page and a smoking crater where your identity was.

(Please don't suggest an ARM Chromebook. Already have one. :) )

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ARM laptops that run Linux -- any suggestions?

Link to purchase, with a large paperback with (hopefully) full-cover facsimile images coming later this year --

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The famed "Saxon Nymph," Elizabeth Elstob was a major figure in 18th-century Anglo-Saxon antiquarianism at a time when education was often closed to women. Born in 1683, she was raised by an uncle who discouraged her education. Nevertheless, she eventually became proficient in eight languages and made major contributions to the field.

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From a nearly 300-year-old book by a woman author I helped re-issue:

"For first, I know it will be said, What has Woman to do with Learning? This I have known urged by some Men, with an Envy unbecoming that greatness of Soul, which is said to dignify their Sex. [...] Where is the Fault in Womens seeking after Learning? why are they not to be valu'd for acquiring to themselves the noblest Ornaments? what hurt can this be to themselves? what Disadvantage to others?"

-- Elizabeth Elstob

We'll just have to somehow make the next crop of MBAs think it was _their_ idea to make it happen. I can see the meetings now...

"New for 2027 -- separate development and support teams! Benefits: timelines will no longer be missed, since your developers aren't also up all night handling issues. Increase innovation because people aren't burned out from basically working two jobs.

Aren't we brilliant?"

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