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Watching a network monitor while any Adobe product tries to install is eye-opening. I'm trying to install Photoshop Elements 2021 (this isn't even "full" Photoshop), and during the install, it needed to contact:

- 11 separate domains
- 2 unlisted raw IP addresses

And it's not even _done_ yet.

I sincerely welcome anyone who's coming to Mastodon from Twitter, but.... I seriously doubt that someone who's stayed at Twitter _this_ long, after everything that's happened in the past few years, is seriously going to be able to kick _that_ habit simply because a notable individual bought a minority stake in Twitter Inc.

Ron bringing the heat against Google again on ars tech:

"It's a Google phone with a Google chip running a Google OS, so the company should be able to get the update out the door quickly. Once the fix hit the codebase in late February, many third-party ROMs like GrapheneOS were able to integrate the patch in early March."

Just moved to an M1 Mac. I'm trying to see just how much I _can_ do without having to install Rosetta and start emulating x86 (it actually doesn't ship on a M1 mac by default!).

My new favorite vegetable -- the "Romanesco" broccoli. It is actually the result of its genes trying to grow into a flower, failing, and then getting stuck in an infinite loop and repeating over and over again: "A 2021 paper has ascribed this phenomenon to perturbations of floral gene networks that causes the development of meristems into flowers to fail, but instead to repeat itself in a self-similar way."

[By Aurelien Guichard - Flickr: Borough Market, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

*Listening to new Weeknd Album*



There was apparently a way to stop some of this behavior in the past using Firefox for iOS's "debug" menu (utterly ridiculous), but the option to choose isn't even there anymore.

Sigh. Considering it's just the same rendering engine/javascript engine on iOS _as_ Safari, I don't know why I'm even trying anymore.

Though, Chrome for iOS doesn't have these problems (I still use it for things that use my Google account).

Bye bye Firefox -- it's been a good run.

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Well, that's it. I'm just about to stop using Firefox for iOS and start using Safari.

Firefox, for the past month, has been a) opening a new blank tab every time I switch to the app, and b) occasionally opening _every_ link in a new tab... in the background. I will click the same link 10 times, wondering why nothing is happening, and then get the tab row to appear (which isn't always visible in iOS), and notice I have 10 tabs open for the same thing.

Helping publish the first screenplay I've ever worked on (as a publisher -- I don't write screenplays).

I... really like working in screenplay format. It's fun. It's like a loose, human-readable sort of markup language.

There's a whole universe of people - like your boss, or a creepy co-worker - who seem to sincerely think they're your pal, even though you *loathe* them. When those people friend you, you have to friend them back.

This dynamic is so common that I wrote an article about in 2007, entitled, "How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Facebook."


Last quarter, Facebook lost US daily users for the first time. Investors pounded the company, wiping more than $230m off its market cap, the largest single drop in value ever experienced by any company, ever.

Those investors understood that when the toxic creeps push the most delicate normies off of Facebook, that leaves the rest of the nontoxic users mired in forums where the creep:normie ratio is worse.


After most of my closest family missing out of covid the whole time, I've had just about my entire family get sick with it in the past two weeks; it's incredible how fast it happened.

Among about 12 people, I can definitely say that those with the boosters weathered it like "a mild cold" from several accounts -- if they haven't had a booster, it's like getting a bad bout of influenza. Ouch.

Okay, the "Little Snitch" application for MacOS is.... neat.

Nothing like buying a weird, discounted router from the Internet and having it set by default to the Chinese version of the firmware when you buy it

No red flags here, folks

(Don't worry, I know what I'm getting into, and aren't letting this thing touch my network yet)

Why, in 2022, is there no easy way to transfer my playlists/likes etc, from Spotify to Apple Music? Why doesn't Apple have such a tool? Wouldn't it be in their interest?

Renting books from my local library, directly from my Kobo eBook reader.

Amazon doesn't let you do anything like this.

If you want to try an eBook reader, get a Kobo.

I'm trying to move some local VMs to containers, completely to the cloud -- is there a cloud service that will basically just let me upload and run an image in a container-based environment, cheaper than running VMs?

Neatest thing about the Matrix 4 -- all my favorite actors from Sense8 get another chance on the big screen. Seriously, I think 50% of the cast of Sense8 is in the movie.

No, why wait. I'm just going to go ahead and block you. Sigh.

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