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Trying to help a friend get a Chromebook working remotely... in China. This is exciting.

The Arctic Monkeys are playing in my town, but $120 a ticket is just too much. I don't know what kind of show they're putting on, but it's not worth that.

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Why all these players sporting fake beards today?

Controversial opinion: Microsoft Visual Studio Code is not bad?

@admin Hello, is this account still monitored?

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Shared by some friends not on mastodon, on Facebook today. A screen grab of a mastodon post is now a meme on facebook!
@natecull @Gargron

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The duality of Mastodon is that I get people asking me to never implement text search as well as people complaining that they cannot find things; people pushing hard for trending topics to be added as well as people adamantly against the idea that topics could trend in any sense of the word

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Warning: adorable cat picture within Show more

@nolan Hey, has there been any problems with Pinafore since Masto 2.4.0 went out? I noticed that Pinafore stopped working with my site when I upgraded. I the only person enjoying all these GDPR emails? Everytime I get one, I'm like, "Yes: another company brought to task."

One of the weirdest things about using Google services today: going into any "share" menu and being confronted by old pictures of people in your contacts list, created back when everyone made a Google+ account during that particular "let's quit Facebook!" phase.

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oh right I still need to pick up the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn too

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Congratulations, #ubuntu :). 18.04 LTS has been released: . We celebrate this moment with a commemorative illustration. Thanks to everyone involved for your hard work. <3 #art #illustration

I'm helping a business partner get ready for travel in China, and it sure is a hoot.

Does anyone know of any commercial VPNs that still work in China? My colleague isn't even wanting to do anything but still access their Gmail while there.

Well, finally got Starbucks free wifi working on my Ubuntu laptop -- and it only took one edit to my /etc/hosts file, too. Imagine that.

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the programming and linux #zines by Julia Evans are lovely,
I've seen a bunch of comics by her circulating here on Mastodon, like the one about grep in the picture, so a link to her website is due ๐Ÿ˜€

and here a link to support her by buying some zines if you are interested

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There are better ways to track tasks than how they did it in 1992.

I have so, so many meetings where I'm just attending a screenshare session wherein someone is slowly updating an Excel file. I can't believe this is something I spend several hours each day doing.