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I’m all for freedom, but I have to say I really like what they did in China to remove internet anonymity. I wonder how much harrassment that’d cut down in the US when every rape threat some asshole made on twitter was tied to your actual name.

Omg, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle": can I please have those three hours of my life back?

If it was possible for a movie sequel to somehow make me retroactively like the original _less_, this movie did that.

What is with buyers on Swappa who will haggle and try to get you to sell a phone that's over $800 for $20 cheaper than what you're listing at? Who are they? What are they trying to prove?

Just pay the $824, you cheapskates

Reality of BYOD going forward -- every IT employer will start doing this, I predict. There's just so much cost savings. In a decade or two, IT support will be a trade, where you provide your own "tools", etc, and your work is directly related to how good your "tools" are.

It kinda sucks, but maybe a few years after that you'll finally start seeing your first true IT "professional organizations."

Upsides of your workplace going BYOD with virtual desktops being "issued" -- less equipment costs to worry about, quicker turn around time starting up new employes, less theft/loss, etc.

Downsides: when something doesn't work, you're often stuck between two different support groups (your employer and whoever is support for *your* equipment), neither one wanting to take full responsibility for what's going on

"It's great that cats and newborn babies are the same size because these shirts will fit both" is a thing I said today.

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Whenever I read about identity theft I feel like we have the narrative completely backwards.

If someone applies for a visa in my name they haven't "stolen my identity", I'm still me and still living under my identity, they've defrauded visa.

By calling this identify theft we shift the responsibility from visa (to not give credit cards to randos) to us the public. We must now, somehow, protect an ineffable sense of "identity" based on public information that was never entirely in our control.


A beautiful film. Simply beautiful.

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We're Not Trying To Do A Phone OS And Random Ass IOT Shit Anymore, So We Can Maybe Make Our Browser Good Again, I Guess

Great things about a climbing gym: it's fun, doesn't feel like exercise, people are generally really cool there

Bad things: smells like BO and chalk, people clipping their toenails in public and leaving the clippings everywhere, very easy to leave daily with body image issues

From an article I found from 2015 about Duracell Powermat:

"In related news, former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has been appointed CEO and chairman of the board at Powermat. 'Powermat’s on the cusp of mainstream adoption,' "

There is so much fail in that, where do I begin. Blackberry exists in name only these days, and as of next year, Powermat might not exist at all.

CNN is absolute garbage is most aspects, but whoever runs their IT knows what they're doing -- is the only site I know of that keeps links from going dead, even as far back as 20 years.

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Things you actually need during a hurricane if you're hundreds of miles inland: batteries, board games, a few bags of chips

Things you don't need: 467 bottles of water

Interesting though: I totally understand "deadnaming," why it's wrong, and why it's disrespectful. I never do it. A person has asked you to call them a certain name, and you need to do it, or you're an asshole.

But when you're watching a video of someone in the past, many years ago, when this person wanted to be called a different name, is it "deadnaming" to call them by that name, in the context of the video?

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I only like that meme because of the amazing conclusion

After reading this fascinating article about managing a web server on the backend that suddenly gets lots of traffic because of a one-time specific issue (, I've decided to finally start using Cloudflare for my business site, which is something I should've did a long time ago.