_real_ curious to find out what happened with that Signal outage earlier in the week. Does anyone know if they're released a postmortem report?

Getting started with Docker. I feel like I'm playing catch-up. 🤔

Like, we could save _so_ much money by just skinning Google Sheets and putting a customer header image on it, or something.

Of all the years I've spend on teams creating applications and custom solutions for clients, I am thorough convinced that all most business teams really want is something that is basically just Google Sheets.

My parents won't stop asking me about the photos the Chromecast uses for its background, even though I never know what they are.

So I've just started telling them they're all my personal photos being streamed from my phone and making up stories for them.

And someone from the town where I live was killed yesterday at the US Capital. This is kinda screwing with me in a stronger way than normal. It's senseless.

I work with a team called "DevOps Ops Team". Can't make this up.

Once again, thanks to @hugo for the great support as masto.host! If you're wanting to get out of the self-hosting business for mastodon, masto.host is a great deal!

I think I'm going to sit out this generation of consoles.

From left to right:

* Weird speaker from IKEA
* Monolith from 2001
* A design that will age about as well as store-brand cheese

I looked up the Red Hot Chili Pepper's listening stats on Spotify and found that their most popular songs and albums are from _after_ I kinda lost track of them.

This isn't a hipster rant; I'm honestly amazed and delighted that there's basically an entire _generation_ of listeners of the Chili Peppers that grew up after I was an adult. That's incredible.

I wonder what they think of songs like "Power of Equality," for instance?


Also worth mentioning: you "cheat entropy" by building for the web in the first place. All my old Android apps started getting broken by Google changes after about five years. Imagine if a five-year-old web page just stopped working due to a browser update.

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Ever played ARK: Survival Evolved?

Literally 450+ GB of space on my hard drive is dedicated, somehow, to dinosaurs.

I am constantly thankful for git.

It largely helps keep my code safe from devs who don't know how to use git correctly.

Currently trying to see how to publishing an ebook via the Kindle in China.

It's... hard.

On the left: a pair of $100 JVC noise-cancelling headphones.

On the right: a pair of $15 "AmazonBasics" headphones.

The AmazonBasics have so much better sound quality it's truly sad. I never even realized until I had both headsets in the same place, and decided to switch them out one after the other for a bit, just to see.

Just moved mcnamarii.town to a managed Mastodon account at @mastohost -- it's amazing. I should've done this a year ago! :P

They were even able to migrate my existing instance and data at no extra cost, and it took less than 30 minutes of downtime.

Thanks to the team at Masto.host!

TIL today: there is no "right" way to schedule a shutdown process in Linux without rolling your own systemd process. Really? Windows has this feature by default. :\

Wanted: version of PS4 and XBone homescreens that removes all "social" and "streaming" UI elements. Will pay.

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