Should I upgrade to Mastodon v2.8.0?

TIL: you can install the new Edge (Chromium) without administrator rights on a Windows machine. Nice.

Basically, that means if you're in a Microsoft shop being forced to use IE/Edge, you can install this and perhaps get a little relief.

Me at 25: What's the point of decaf coffee?
Me at 35: God bless decaf coffee!

Reanimated corpse has been feeling down, goes to the doctor.

Doctor says "This is outside my area of expertise, you should go see Frankenstein."

"But Doctor," says the reanimated corpse, "I AM Frankenstein!"

"I meant /Doctor/ Frankenstein" the Doctor says. "I thought that was implied."

From that old article:

'The mission statement from the largest protest group, "Students Against Facebook Newsfeed," read, in part: "Very few of us want everyone automatically knowing what we update. We want to feel just a LITTLE bit of privacy, even if it is facebook. News Feed is just too creepy, too stalker-esque, and a feature that has to go."'

This, from 2006.

An old article from Adage detailing the date on which Facebook went from a "federated"-ish model of college-based communities (kinda like mastodon instances, just under the same domain), to an open registration model.

Date: Sep 11, 2006.

*in one-on-one meeting with manager*

Them: So, rank your fellow devs from 1-5

*ha ha, not doing that*

Me: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, I really don't know them enough to rank them in such a fashion.

*proceeds to list individual strengths of fellow coworkers one by one*

reference to Mortal Engines, a terrible movie from 2018 Show more

flashing strobing lights, colors, and gratuitous amounts of soap

So, 3-4 years after Apple Pay comes out, which is supposed to be the new, cool way to pay for things because Credit Cards are old and busted and can be tracked, and what does Apple come out with? Apple-branded Credit Card. :\

Big thanks to @nolan for reducing the webpack compile time of Mastodon from 6 minutes to less than 1 minute. Turns out it was the zopfli compression plugin #mastodev

When you're trying to bond with a feral stray cat and one day they actually let you pet them

MicroUI Update:

After careful consideration, we have decided that this new and exciting UI will be spun out as a separate Pixelfed Labs project.

This means you will be able to self host just this UI and use it with Pixelfed, Mastodon, Pleroma and other mastodon api compatible projects much like Pinafore and Halcyon!

#pixelfed #microUI

I've been at this illustration thing for over twenty years. Maybe I should consider making a career out of it.

#illustration #retrospective #vector #digitalpainting #mastoart

Comment from 2009 lauding Firefox for it's work in ending the monopoly that IE had on the web:

"Had it not been for Firefox, Opera would still cost money, Google Chrome wouldn't exist, a few people who paid way too much for their computers would be running Safari, and most (l)users would be stuck with the latest version of IE -- IE6"

How unfortunate that we're back to a near monopoly again! Once again, it's Firefox to the rescue.

Yes, I am debugging issues in 2019 dealing with IE's shoddy handling of document.getElementById returning elements without id tags, why do you ask

In video games, it's exciting to point at a distant mountain and say "You know what? You can actually GO THERE!"

And yet out the window of my office I see distant fog-shrouded hills and I can't be bothered. I don't even walk around the block. I just sit here typing.

... Maybe if those hills had enchanted weapons or something I could pick up. Yeah. That's what's missing.

While reading a Verge article about the most recent Youtube scandal, I just happened to see one of the best comments I've ever seen about the problems with large communities on the web (and implicitly why smaller communities like Mastodon are better at handling them):

This person gets it.

Every now and then I check my spam folder. I've noticed that as the economy slows down, the quality of scam emails has gone down:

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