And we are about to go into DR mode because of this AWS outage -- holy shit

Major AWS outage going on right now in the US -- affecting anyone else?

Two jars of fig preserves, with little garter belts on them.

Things I've learned:

When you're upgrading your Mac to a new version of MacOSX, just to be safe, unplug the USB dock (that you connect with a questionable USB-3.0-Type B-to-USB-C cable) with the 10 things you've got on it first. Have the Mac unadorned whilst it is reborn.

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Okay, I _might_ have fixed things on my Mac with the following:

1) another Mac
2) a good USB-C cable
3) an app called "Apple Configurator 2" (available from Apple)
4) an activity called "Reviving the T2 chip" on the bricked Mac

I'm both amazed that such a recovery activity exists for a bricked device (and is available to the end-user), and wondering how I even _needed_ it.

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So... MacOSX 12 has caused my Macbook not to boot? Wunderbar.

The municipal broadband, run by the city, in my alma mater where I lived for years, is being bought out by a bigger corporate telecom.

Even though I don't live there anymore, this news makes me sad.

I remember having 500/500 fiber internet access for <$100 a month, back in 2014, when I lived there. Nothing compared to that at the time, in that location.

I have just been informed that Germany actually votes on a Sunday, which is even more better.

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Germany, one of the largest democracies in the world, and a very technologically advanced country, goes to the polls today for their national elections.

How are they voting?

On a Saturday.

By dropping little pieces of paper into boxes.

There's a lesson to be had there, America. Voting doesn't have to be hard.

I know I'll never be one of the lucky few getting to go to space, but I would _love_ to be one of the people on the recovery boats. That looks like _fun_.

I miss the late 2000s Google -- a company that just seemed to be innovating weird things one-after-the-other. Stuff like Go, Android -- they all came out during this time.

Is there another company doing this kind of weird stuff today? What company is the late-2000s Google of today?

*Me, after getting frustrated using a Mac for the first time really in 20 years*

I will _not_ disable the Gatekeeper. *deep breath*
I will _not_ disable the Gatekeeper.

Started using a Mac a few months ago after using Windows for 20 years. Got bootcamp working, because I still need a Windows partition to play PC games, while using an eGPU (somehow this all works).

It goes without saying, but with that delicate setup, I will _not_ be installing Windows 11.

Looks my phone just got an upgrade of "Mastodon für Handy"

You know what's weird?
I really like the new Mastodon iOS app, but without the timelines, it's, I don't know, not as useful? :/
I'm still formulating how I think about it. It kinda feels instead like a messaging app?

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