Why, in 2022, is there no easy way to transfer my playlists/likes etc, from Spotify to Apple Music? Why doesn't Apple have such a tool? Wouldn't it be in their interest?

Renting books from my local library, directly from my Kobo eBook reader.

Amazon doesn't let you do anything like this.

If you want to try an eBook reader, get a Kobo.

I'm trying to move some local VMs to containers, completely to the cloud -- is there a cloud service that will basically just let me upload and run an image in a container-based environment, cheaper than running VMs?

Neatest thing about the Matrix 4 -- all my favorite actors from Sense8 get another chance on the big screen. Seriously, I think 50% of the cast of Sense8 is in the movie.

No, why wait. I'm just going to go ahead and block you. Sigh.

Log4J: I have not seen anyone mention yet that: the fact that the feature was created with "LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS=true" as an option.... meant that someone in the past might've thought this might be an issue in the future.

Very interesting.

And we are about to go into DR mode because of this AWS outage -- holy shit

Major AWS outage going on right now in the US -- affecting anyone else?

Two jars of fig preserves, with little garter belts on them.

Things I've learned:

When you're upgrading your Mac to a new version of MacOSX, just to be safe, unplug the USB dock (that you connect with a questionable USB-3.0-Type B-to-USB-C cable) with the 10 things you've got on it first. Have the Mac unadorned whilst it is reborn.

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Okay, I _might_ have fixed things on my Mac with the following:

1) another Mac
2) a good USB-C cable
3) an app called "Apple Configurator 2" (available from Apple)
4) an activity called "Reviving the T2 chip" on the bricked Mac


I'm both amazed that such a recovery activity exists for a bricked device (and is available to the end-user), and wondering how I even _needed_ it.

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So... MacOSX 12 has caused my Macbook not to boot? Wunderbar.

The municipal broadband, run by the city, in my alma mater where I lived for years, is being bought out by a bigger corporate telecom.

Even though I don't live there anymore, this news makes me sad.

I remember having 500/500 fiber internet access for <$100 a month, back in 2014, when I lived there. Nothing compared to that at the time, in that location.

I have just been informed that Germany actually votes on a Sunday, which is even more better.

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Germany, one of the largest democracies in the world, and a very technologically advanced country, goes to the polls today for their national elections.

How are they voting?

On a Saturday.

By dropping little pieces of paper into boxes.

There's a lesson to be had there, America. Voting doesn't have to be hard.

I know I'll never be one of the lucky few getting to go to space, but I would _love_ to be one of the people on the recovery boats. That looks like _fun_.

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