I know I'll never be one of the lucky few getting to go to space, but I would _love_ to be one of the people on the recovery boats. That looks like _fun_.

I miss the late 2000s Google -- a company that just seemed to be innovating weird things one-after-the-other. Stuff like Go, Android -- they all came out during this time.

Is there another company doing this kind of weird stuff today? What company is the late-2000s Google of today?

*Me, after getting frustrated using a Mac for the first time really in 20 years*

I will _not_ disable the Gatekeeper. *deep breath*
I will _not_ disable the Gatekeeper.

Started using a Mac a few months ago after using Windows for 20 years. Got bootcamp working, because I still need a Windows partition to play PC games, while using an eGPU (somehow this all works).

It goes without saying, but with that delicate setup, I will _not_ be installing Windows 11.

Looks my phone just got an upgrade of "Mastodon für Handy"

You know what's weird?
I really like the new Mastodon iOS app, but without the timelines, it's, I don't know, not as useful? :/
I'm still formulating how I think about it. It kinda feels instead like a messaging app?

Using the new iOS Mastodon app, just because. It's nice. Especially because of:

Bought a Mac for myself. Tired of Windows. First Mac I've bought this millenium. (Last one was a G3 Mac bought in the late 90s.)

Found a used one on Swappa that was kinda beat up. Wanted to give it a chance.

Ooh -- the US DOD just cancelled the JEDI contract. That's HUGE news.

Microsoft, pushing a "News and Interests" item, directly to my Windows Taskbar, with a Windows Update, trying to force me to look at news they consider "important"?

Um, no. No no no no no. Time to buy a Mac.

1) Open developer tools in Chrome
2) Right-click on Refresh-button

You now have a context menu that can do things like "clear cache for this site", "hard reload". Incredible.

I play video games, but apparently, that's not enough anymore.

I must also spend time watching others play video games, instead of playing video games, like some sort of insane required "practice."

I also can't just play video games by myself, and must instead stream what I'm doing so people can tell me to kill myself while playing video games.

And, to top it all off, I must do all of this from within a hot tub.

Had to push back on my initial response of "I don't understand the Internet anymore" after reading this week's article about streaming, and just remember that "sex sells," and the Internet hasn't really changed that; just made it easier.


Just made the first update to my "simpleMastodonBot" python script in four years: github.com/M-D-M/simpleMastodo

American businesses two years ago: "We just don't think remote work is feasible. Just wouldn't work. Reasons."

American businesses one year ago: "Wow, look at how quickly we converted into full remote-work! Aren't we amazing??"

American businesses one month ago: "Okay, everyone come back into the office. If we can't see butts in seats, how can we be sure you're even working?"

American businesses, this week: "...okay you can work at home a little longer"

Reason #672 why working at home should be allowed, if possible:

Gas shortages

Between this and everything going to a "streaming presenter" format, I am probably also five years ago from sitting down to watch a new show on Netflix, inexplicably seeing some unasked-for random person's face in the corner of the screen reacting and commenting to it, and then me picking up my TV and setting it outside next to the dumpster.

I am about five years away from being a grousing, cantankerous old man.

All I want to do is find a tutorial about how to fix [insert thing here]. And this is all I can find:

"Hey guys, like and subscribe

it's ya boy DJ Plumber here to show you how to fix this leaky faucet

but lemme talk real quick about the comments I received on the last video about toilets"


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