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There are better ways to track tasks than how they did it in 1992.

I have so, so many meetings where I'm just attending a screenshare session wherein someone is slowly updating an Excel file. I can't believe this is something I spend several hours each day doing.

@nolan Weird question, but how do you change the theme in pinafore? I keep seeing talk about it, but I can't find an option for it in the settings, anywhere. :p

I know "Youtube hacked" gets more clicks than "another user clicks on a bad link in an email," but come on.

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As noticed by @lychee, it seems Privacy Badger doesn't play nice with Pinafore. It thinks your instance is a "third-party tracker" because of the cross-origin requests. 🙃

The only fix is to disable Privacy Badger for Pinafore apparently. Sorry about that; if anyone knows of any workaround please do let me know.

@Angle Whoa -- Agora is... really neat. Why have I never seen this type of visualization of conversations in forums before? With some optimization, this could be incredible.

So, the apache web server on one of my VMs was returning error code 418 today...? You've got to be kidding me:

How the hell did this random, ancient April Fool's joke start appearing today?

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Ah, the first 10 minutes of any IT meeting in a Microsoft shop: trying to get ahold of people to ask them to please check back in documents on Sharepoint so the meeting can even start.

My mastodon email blocklist:

Had some major issues upgrading Mastodon from v2.3.1 to v2.3.2. Had to revert a version -- luckily, there were no DB changes!

Just had my first meeting ever with someone being very upset that I was basically automating away a job.

I'm not upset about it, myself. It's an inevitability, automation. If we don't start figuring out how to handle it now, we'll be in a bad place a decade or so from now.

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Tired: me after the time changes because of ancient DST laws
Wired: nothing, this morning

I really hate to say this, but if Microsoft made an Edge .deb for Ubuntu, I'd use it, if only because it's so hard to manage multiple MS/Office365 accounts in the same browser.

I love my Dad, but I never should've showed him Google Hangouts. He's still using it, years after it's become a zombie app, and I either have to keep it installed or miss messages from him now.

2019: Twitter introduces Twitter Communities(tm).

Accounts created in a community are private by default, and can only contact and be contacted with other users in the same community.

Other than that, it will use the same Twitter backend, and Twitter Community users can still follow public accounts, so Twitter can still push ads/sponsored posts/algorithmically-chosen shitposts from celebrities.