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I've been trying to clean up the decades old digital presence I've left across the Internet -- it's interesting what services let you delete accounts, and which ones don't.

Verizon's AOL apparently doesn't anymore -- their own help site has screenshots showing a "Cancel" link, but if you actually navigate to that section in the AOL control panel, it's no longer there.

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holy shit, a direct-to-TV Christmas movie starring not only Dean Cain but also Melissa Joan Hart

and produced, as per usual, by Melissa Joan Hart and her mum

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Wow people think email providers don't block people or servers cause they do something the email provider doesn't like

How cute

How naive

You think instance politics is bad, you haven't tried to get a new email server declared not spam

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ARK cluster update: I have both instances running on the same hardware, but they don't seem to be part of a cluster? How the hell do I check to make sure? There's not much in the way of usable logs for ARK.

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A friend send me a post with this piece of art. I went so mental, that I bought an A3 print of it on society6 that should arrive around my birthday. or at least for Christmas ♥ and I changed my phone's wallpaper to it 💕

Rami looks so cute here.

(it's called Pieta, and it's perfect)

Creating a multi-instance ARK setup is not easy, if you want to be easily-manageable, but I'm giving it a try later today.

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The last straw was my Bitcoin app on my phone, telling me, upon opening it, that even _it_ could tell my phone had not had security updates since July, and that because of an unpatched Bluetooth vulnerability, my magic internet money (which I only keep locally) was at risk of being stolen. :P

And I have a major flagship phone, from a large manufacturer of Android phones.

My choices these days, if I want to use a smartphone that gets monthly security updates, _reliably_, is to either give up and buy an iPhone, or apparently buy a Blackberry Android phone (BB doesn't make their own hardware anymore, resigning themselves to only producing the Android ROM, and their monthly security update support is apparently best in the Android world).

The state of the Android security ecosystem is ridiculous.

I long ago stopped waiting for new releases of the main Android OS on my phones (telling myself it's a lot of work to test everything for the new version, and not much changes in Android from version to version since version 5, etc.), but I will not accept using a phone that doesn't even get monthly security updates. Not anymore.

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these snoots were made for booping
that's just what they do
one of these days these snoots
are gonna boop all over you

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E-mail is federated. You know what people with multiple and changing e-mail addresses use? Forwarding. How might that work for mastodon, I wonder?

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When you need to download something for class but the website embedded it rather than providing a download link so you delve into Inspect Element to find it

Seriously, Fitbit executives, wtf. I'm just installing your app to see if I can reset someone else's Fitbit before selling it (because you have no UI on your devices), but even if I wasn't, I still wouldn't​ use your product.

(And not just because you killed Coin and Pebble.)

Microsoft, please, please, please fix the wonky syncing in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (why are these even two separate apps -- what are you trying to do, be like Google?).

Just copy what Dropbox is doing, please. How does a much smaller company get this relatively simple process so much better?

If I have to see a "OneDrive is having syncing errors" message one more time, I'm going to just stop using it.