uhh seems like for some reason my pi-hole instance isn't blocking Twitch ads on the iOS app any more o_O

did Twitch change ad server hostnames or what?

also Twitch FFS, let me pay to get rid of ads, its annoying that Twitch Prime doesn't include that anymore

@staticsafe I've always noticed intermitted blocking of ads on iOS -- I'm pretty sure Apple is doing some sort of DNS trickery.

@mdm that might be it, my backup resolver isn't another pi-hole instance so it doesn't block ads


@staticsafe Oh -- yeah, that'll do it. With my router, I just don't even set a backup resolver.

@mdm my pihole instance is actually just a Ubuntu VM running inside VMWare on my desktop so I have the backup so if my desktop is shutdown for whatever reason, the network isn't without a functional resolver

[backup resolver is just a forwarder running on my router which forwards to my ISP's resolvers]

@staticsafe You have already eclipsed my network knowledge.

I just put the numbers in the box on my router and the ads, they disappear :p

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